Bookish Thoughts: Queen of Shadows

When I started Queen of Shadows I began writing down my thoughts, feelings, emotions, and favorite quotes. Basically this is just them listed with their page numbers for reference. Even if no one cares about this I am doing it because I want to be able to go back and re-read this and know exactly what I felt the first time I read it. If you have read this and plan on reading it you may want your book with you because otherwise it may not make a lot sense. Also if you choose to read this just a fair warning but MATURE LANGUAGE (explicit) will be used throughout this. But if you read the book then I’m sure you will understand.

Also I’m thinking of doing this for more of my reads, so comment and tell me if you think this is a good idea.


Let’s begin with my craziness!

First here are some songs that played while I was reading and I thought they connect to the story ( at the time haha 🙂 )

  • Bad Reputation by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
  • Just the Girl by the Click Five
  • You Call Me a Bitch Like It’s a Bad Thing by Halestorm
  • I am the fire by Halestorm

Now for the actual thoughts! (also it took me about 85 pages to think of this so it doesn’t start from the beginning)

Pg 85- tell me she is going to fake their deaths and free them.

Pg 90- So it’s like he’s trapped in his mind and cannot do anything?

Pg 94- ughh I don’t like Chaol, and don’t like him messing with this.

Pg 95- Yes! I love ( ❤ )Aelin doing what she wants and pushing Chaol around.

Pg 95- Oh Ress! so cute!

Pg 98- #teamRowaelin (with 3 hearts next to it hahaha)

Pg 101- oh hell no! this sounds like a horrible idea!

Pg 103- seriously? Punishing her for standing up for what she believes in?

Pg 109- it’s good to see Sorrel standing up for Asterin

Pg 115- his checking out her body is really gross

Pg 115- #bitchqueenrulers haha

Pg 120- “I remember stealing a box from your room once when you were out killing someone. They were delicious.”

Pg 125- Finally Chaol does something right!

Pg 129- YES! Time to bust Aedion outta there!

Pg 132- I just love the Dorian POVs. His descriptions of his life are so interesting.

Pg 138- thats some good thinking on Aelin’s part.

Pg 141- Yes! Florine better not be lying!

Pg 143- a skirt into a cape? Where can I get one?

Pg 144- “Aedion grinned at his queen as the entire world went to hell.”

Pg 145- emerging from smoke with daggers. Badass!!!

Pg 148- book title!!!!!!!

Pg 149- I’m sorry he’s what? Strolling? Like taking a casual stroll while this happens?

Pg 151- I love ( ❤ ) Dorian but can she just kill him so they escape?

Pg 152- KILL HIM!

Pg 153- HELL NO! Nesryn you should have let her kill him.

Pg 155- I love Lysandra even more

Pg 161 – Yay! I love Lysandra even more and oh my gosh Chaol is so bitchy.

Pg 165- so its at least good to know Elide isn’t a spy.

Pg 167-8- Oh! is Elide part Fae or something?

Pg 169- ooooo! She’s part witch.

Pg 170- does her Grandma know what he wants her to do?

Pg 176- you see Nesryn what happens when you don’t listen to Aelin?

Pg 178- again he is so bitchy

Pg 182- more proof that he is an ass. He doesn’t even try to get to know the people he cares for.

Pg 186- yeah the definitely have the same feelings toward each other (sarcasm). Poor Aedion is going to be let down 😦

Pg 193- this feels like a bad idea.

Pg 196- is it fight to the death or unable to continue?

Pg 198-  so its to death

Pg 201- I hope Elide gets to escape

Pg 204- Does her chains have Wyrdmarks on them?

Pg 209- and Elide’s suspicions are confirmed

Pg 211- wasn’t Marion on of the Fae Queens? Or something like that?

Pg 212- Yay! she’s a witchling. Now help her escape.

Pg 215-  it’s so funny to see Aedion jealous

Pg 221- no please don’t even give Chaol that idea

Pg 229- I love ( ❤ ) that they are comparing scars to bond


Pg 244- and the male dominance battle begins

Pg 247- oh shit a fight is going to break out!

Pg 256- so off topic(ish) but  Single Ladies just came on and I’m imagining Aelin and Aedion dancing to it and trying to convince Rowan to and I’m crying from laughing so much

Pg 263- Poor Dorian, I really wish she would have killed him.

Pg 268- I like Manon but can we get back to Rowan and Aelin.

Pg 272- aww Abraxos is trying to protect her

Pg 276- I feel like Manon and Elide are going to fall in love (And thus my OTP was born)

Pg 276- Hit my like a man by the Pretty Reckless came on and I feel like that describes 99% of the females in this book (if you listen to the song)

Pg 298- why does he endlessly annoy me?

Pg 303- how is she so calm?

Pg 308- is that Ress he’s torturing? I mean “interrogating”

Pg 315- i really hope Lysandra doesn’t betray them because I really like her

Pg 324- “Rowan wasn’t pissy.”

Pg 325- dude just go to her already. I swear the pride of these people.

Pg 335- I understand why she’s obeying but c’mon Manon!

Pg 338-  don’t the oil on!!!

Pg 344- hahaha! Go Rowan!

Pg 354- Aelin is a total badass!

Pg 355- like hell you gave her freedom!!!

Pg 359-  umm what? What? WHAT?

Pg 361- you sick asshole!

Pg 361- Arobynn you asshole!

Pg 363- YES! Aelin, Rowan, and Lysandra! just yay!

Pg 369- awwwww

Pg 371- awww why are they doing this? you both want each other just give in already

Pg 375- that is Ress and Brullo that he’s torturing isn’t it?

Pg 385- “Queen of the Assassins.”

Pg 416- WOW!

Pg 419- that’s Erawan!!!

Pg 436-7- HOT! HOT!

Pg 437- hell yes! #teamrowaelin is real!!

Pg 438- if this isn’t Ress or Brullo, who else could it be?

Pg 443- so there is a way to save Dorian, although he probably won’t be even close to the same?

Pg 449- Do they not think this is a trap?

Pg 454- Poor Aedion he’s the 5th wheel on everything, hotel rooms and even the trees

Pg 458- all the POVs coming together! (sort of)

Pg 461- Is she going to be able to draw Dorian out like with Stevan?

Pg 462- yeah it would have been a mercy to kill him but you were too busy feeling guilty to listen

Pg 463- yay! he’s actually partially himself

Pg 468- Chaol is a dumbass if he went to get Dorian.

Pg 469- yay Dorian is going to hold on to her name and slowly get his body back. or die.

Pg 471- Chaol you dumbass

Pg 476- NO! Aelin and Rowan!!!!!

Pg 483- and that is why she shouldn’t worry about her using the Wyrdkey for evil

Pg 485- new allies!

Pg 495- Elide fight! Do it! FIGHT!

Pg 496- Elide’s prison reminds me of the one in The Pit and the Pendulum by Edgar Allen Poe

Pg 497- Oh so that was Roland,

Pg 505- poor asterin 😦

Pg 511- because she keeps going away, Elide is just imprisoned there because only Manon would notice and care.

Pg 517- Rowan, seriously. I hope Aelin planned this.

Pg 518- okay good

Pg 521- Chaol is redeeming himself a little

Pg 527- awww

Pg 530- Yes! Manon!

Pg 536- “it changed everything and nothing.” I’m starting to like Chaol just a litte

Pg 538- I feel like him changing the plan is a bad idea

Pg 545- Lorcan you asshole!

Pg 552- FIRE vs. ICE!

Pg 560- oh hell yes Lorcan!

Pg 568- yes Lysandra!!!!!

Pg 574- I forgot how much of an ass the king is.

Pg 575- I am the fire by Halestorm came on- perfect timing

Pg 577- umm what?

Pg 591- so some people cared about her

Pg 593- hell yes Manon! #manonandelide ships real people

Pg 601- you go Kaltain!

Pg 624- manon & elide shipping yes! yes!

Pg 630- Lysandraland hahaha

Pg 632- of course they did.

Pg 633- please say I am not the only one shipping manon and elide?

Pg 634- yes! she wants to know about love (<3) yes! yes! yes!

Pg 639- aww so bittersweet.

Pg 640- poor Dorian!

Pg 642- Manon and Dorian stop ruining my ship!

Pg 645- hopefully now Rowan and Aelin can have that night alone


So there’s all of my thoughts if you have actually read this far what did you think? any similar thoughts? let me know!







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