Hi! So I wanted to post about new things happening on my blog! So I have been doing touch ups on here for the past couple of days to make my blog look better and I thought of some more ideas! 😀

New Posts: 

I feel like I don’t post a lot on here unless it’s a book review or recommendation and I want to change that. So here are some new posts that will be on here more often!

Anticipated Releases

Each month I want to have a post talking about books that are coming out that month. They will just be books that I am excited about and want others to know about.

Book+Music Recommendations

I love listening to music while reading and I want to make a weekly post about music that I found or liked specifically that week. I am going to try to post it on a Friday or Saturday but that may not always work out.

Read Alongs 

I love when people get together and host read alongs. I want to do something like this so if anyone wants to pair up and read books together we could break it up into weekly posts about sections of it.

Monthly Book Hauls 

Buying books is a problem I have, so I want to post each month all of the books I bought in hopes maybe I won’t continue to buy books I haven’t read yet, but idk it probably won’t due much 🙂


That’s all of the new ideas I currently have so let me know what you think! 😀 😀


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