Stars Above by Marissa Meyer

Note: All reviews will be spoiler free unless otherwise stated! 


Title:  Stars Above

Author: Marissa Meyer

# in series: group of novellas from the series

# of pages: 369

My rating: 5/5 stars! Of course!

The Lunar Chronicles are over! (*cries into my pillow for a good thirty minutes!) To be honest when I finished Winter I completely forgot about this coming out or maybe I didn’t even know. Either way I thought the series was complete and had resigned myself to this. But when my phone alerted me with the release date I had set in my calendar I thought I was wrong. But I wasn’t! And now there is more of the most amazing group of characters!

If you have not completed the series I would suggest that you NOT CONTINUE READING because this series of novellas will have spoilers for the whole series and while I am trying to make this review spoiler free if you have not read the series it may a be spoiled. I would suggest reading the whole series and then this just because it will make it cuter and the last novella does take place after the ending of Winter.

AHHH!! The gang has been reunited and while some of the novellas I have read before some of them were new and exciting. In each you get to see a certain characters past either from a young age or even during the earlier books.

I loved every minute of this novella and loved all of the small things that were added in to make the story that much better. One of my favorite novellas was Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky. For the older novellas this was my favorite. It added all of the charm and wit of our favorite pirate with the unusual aspect of getting to see him as a child. It was so cute and adorkable (<basically that is the word I have made up to describe this whole series).

My two favorite novellas that take place after the 1st book (in time) was The Mechanic, and Something Old, Something New. Oh my gosh! Those two while different were so sweet and cute. I loved having Kai’s POV in the mechanic where he first meets Cinder. It was such a refreshing way to describe an awkward encounter. With the Something Old I couldn’t stop thinking about how happy it made me. While I was not expecting a post Winter novella I was pleasantly surprised by how it happened.

This whole book was adorable and just makes me happier to have read this series. Overall I loved the novellas while the Queen’s Army was my least favorite it did provide necessary information. I recommend that everyone read this series so seriously get to it because I think no matter what genre is your favorite this has a little of everything. 🙂

5/5 stars


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