Bookish Thoughts: Stars Above

For this Bookish Thoughts it will be a little different than my Queen of Shadows (click here) one. Mainly for this one it will have spoilers and will be a in depth review of each novella in the Stars Above bind up. Let’s get started


The Keeper

Michelle has gained new respect from me! I mean I always loved her but this made her an even better character. Being Scarlet’s Grandmother kind of made her a lesser known character and a more talked about one. This novella really helped add needed character development and provide this gap of information. Finding out that Scarlet’s dad was this Lunar Doctor and actually having him show up in this was amazing. I really enjoyed seeing Scarlet so young but not having it from her POV. It made the story that much better plus you got to learn more about Cinder which is always great.


Another Cinder POV. I forgot how much I missed this series. Getting to read from her POV just made you fall back in love with it. I really enjoyed the awkward family encounters and how Peony was immediately indifferent to her being a Cyborg. It was really sweet to see the more in depth reactions that they all had to her showing up. While Pearl was barely shown in this novella I kind of liked that more.

The Queen’s Army

uhhh… I didn’t really know about this one. I did enjoy the insight that we get of how the Lunar world worked and I originally read this after finishing Scarlet which helped kind of. I really can’t fault anything with the novella but there just felt like there was something missing.

Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky

This novella had everything you could expect from the title. From the witty Thorne to seeing him know what he wanted to do at a young age. You get to see his sensitive side along with the rest of him and it was sweet, cute, and adorable. Basically how everyone describe Thorne right? haha either way it had everything we love about this awesome character. My favorite part was where he wanted to be called Captain and his was all like “he has to earn that title” or whatever. Even at 13 he knew he wanted to be a Captain. Aww it was so cute.

After Sunshine Passes By

YAY! Cress is back and it was interesting to see how she learned about technology and how she had to hack into things to learn to read. It really helped solidify the mistreatment of shells. Seeing the conflicted feelings of Cress towards Sybil was realistic and sad. I really was glad to see her get onto the satellite even though I knew it meant all that time alone I also knew that it meant she would learn about Thorne.

The Princess and The Guard

Another novella I’m pretty sure I’ve read before. Either way I enjoyed it and thought that it seemed a little boring. It may have been that I’ve read it before but none of it felt different from the actual book series. I did love the scene where Levana makes Winter cut herself. That and the scenes that we previously only knew through memories. Those really helped make the story better.

The Little Android

Okay so I honestly can’t remember if this android was in Cinder  or not. Was there this scene from her POV? Either way it was so cool to see another android with a “problem” that’s caused them to have emotions. While I didn’t like Mech6.0 or Star as much as Iko it was entertaining to see her become self aware and slowly realize what was happening. That ending had me almost tearing up. When she let Miko be with him and she pretended to be her. Aww it was so sweet.

The Mechanic

The FEELS! This whole novella had me thinking of Cinder and how much I loved that book. The adorkableness that came in this was just awwww. I loved seeing Kai be off his game when Cinder didn’t react how “all” girls do to him. It was so funny and a lighthearted scene because he was so funny. He was trying to be funny and then she would be deadpan about his jokes and I was laughing at the awkardness. So sweet and cute.

Something Old, Something New

A POST WINTER NOVELLA! I was really not expecting this and I have no idea what I thought would happen but I was not expecting a wedding. Umm what? I am personally not a wedding scene person so it was sweet to see that it was only the gang together. My favorite novella right now just because I was not expecting anything post Winter. Also Winter was hysterical in this book about her being crazy or not. All of this was so cute and sweet and then the Cinder-Kai proposal was even cuter. I do wish that we had more of Thorne and Cress in this but it was so cute that I didn’t mind that much.


Those are my thoughts! What did you think about this bind up? Which one was your favorite? Also I just received 200 likes on my blog so thank you so much for that!!

2 thoughts on “Bookish Thoughts: Stars Above

  1. LorevaRaven says:

    I have not yet read Stars Above but I have read the Thorne novella, and I have to agree with you… It is so adorable and cute to see young Thorne! My personal favorite scene in that novella was when he convinces that big boy that his weird concoction would actually cure his acne! It was just hilarious!
    Great review/ thoughts!

    Liked by 1 person

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