Golden Son by Pierce Brown

Note: All reviews are spoiler free unless otherwise stated!


Title: Golden Son

Author: Pierce Brown

# of series: 2nd book in the Red Rising trilogy

# of pages: 442

My rating:  5/5 stars

Oh my gosh! This book was amazing. I know that I loved Red Rising but I think I may love this one even more.

The world. Pierce Brown was able to create this amazing world and fill it with so many great characters. The whole society standards that he built only made this book better. I’ve heard people comparing this book with others but I feel like it stands alone because of the writing style.

The writing style. Brown uses first person narrative with a slightly unlikable character but still make you want to continue on. His writing flows naturally and manages to pull you into his world.

The characters. With Red Rising I didn’t really like Darrow but I could understand why he was that way. In this book he is more redeemed and all of the other characters help him become well liked.

The plot. I HAVE NO WORDS! So much happens in this book and it was all amazing. I feel like I have said amazing a lot in this review but that’s because I don’t know how to portray how much I loved this book. Plus that ending is killing me and I want to get the next book right now.

Overall I obviously loved this book and I think any Sci-Fi or Fantasy lover would like this book. Even if you don’t it has so many amazing things that are awesome.

5/5 stars


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