Music Friday: Stars Above Playlist

I thought that it would be kind of neat for this Music Friday to contain a playlist. Last week I talked about how I choose songs for books and what kind of music I generally listen to. This week the playlist will be for Stars Above, mainly because I did just read this book and because all of the novellas had different feelings associated so I kept changing what stations I listened to.


I am going to break these up by each novella mainly because they are in fact so different! I hope you enjoy! Also some of these songs may be EXPLICIT or use inappropriate language.

The Keeper 

  • All these things that I’ve done~ the Killers
  • Cigarette daydreams~ Cage the Elephant
  • Gun in my hand~ Dorothy

Okay so this playlist is pretty short but I feel like these 3 songs really represent this novella. For Marissa Meyer books I usually listen to the Killers or something more like that. I did include a Dorothy song because while it’s not like the other two it reminds me of the scene when Scarlet is given the gun for her birthday.


  • Mr. Roboto~ Styx
  • Under pressure~ Queen
  • Who are you~ The Who
  • Yesterday~ The Beatles

So I chose older songs for this novella mainly because I feel like Cinder is more of an old soul kind of person and would really appreciate these groups. Also for Mr. Roboto I originally played it because I thought it would be funny because she’s a cyborg so that’s kind of like part robot (Mr. Roboto) but then I played the song and it really fit well.:D

The Queen’s Army 

  • Big bad wolf~ In this Moment
  • Breakdown~ Seether
  • Animal I have become~ Three Days Grace

For these songs I want to display the anger that Wolf(Ze’ev) has about his transformation. These three songs I think really display how he feels about everything that happened to him because of Levana.

  • Monsters~ Imagine Dragons
  • Basket Case ~ Green Day

These two i think represent more of Wolf in the actual series so I wanted to include them even if they don’t really match the novellas. 🙂

Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky 

  • Little lion man~ Mumford and Sons
  • Almost ~ Bowling for Soup
  • Work this body~ Walk the Moon
  • Me with no you~ Bowling for Soup

These show off more of the funny and witty side of Carswell. The last one kind of is more about his relationship with Cress but sometimes it’s hard to not think about the future while you read these novellas.

After Sunshine Passes By

  • Haunting~ Halsey
  • Dancing by myself~ Billy Idol
  • Human~ the Killers

This was actually a really hard one to find songs for. I wanted to show that Cress was upset about having to live on the satellite but also that she gets to be safer. I thought this would be a good combination but proved hard to find songs for.

The Princess and the Guard

  • Dirty Pretty~ In this Moment
  • She Hates Me~ Puddle of Mud
  • Crazy Train~ Ozzy Ozbourne
  • Spirits~ Strumbellas

Some of these may fit better just speaking about Levana but since she is in this novella I’m counting them. My main focus with these was Winter’s transition into her hallucinations and slowly losing her mind while keep strong on her vow but I may have strayed away just a little.:D

The Little Android

  • Can’t fight this feeling~ REO Speedwagon
  • Shatter me~ Lindsey Stirling ft. Lzzy Hale
  • What you know~ Two Door Cinema Club

For this novella I really wanted to portray Mech6.o’s odd journey into having feelings. I don’t really know if these represent that too well but oh well. 🙂

The Mechanic

  • Victorious~ Panic! At the Disco
  • Take me out~ Franz Ferdinand
  • Don’t stop believing~ Journey
  • Just the girl~ The Click Five
  • Are you gonna be my girl~ Jet

Aww for this I chose songs about relationships duh! I wanted to use ones to describe that first meeting but I kind of just ended up picking random songs about relationships so it kind of works.

Something Old, Something New

  • Til the casket drops~ ZZ Ward
  • Cosmic love~ Florence +the Machine
  • Crazy little called love~ Queen
  • I was born to love you~ Queen
  • Come sail away~ Styx

I chose some more love filled songs with the last song being more about all of the characters. These are kind of more romantic than the rest 😀


That’s my playlist! 🙂 Do you have any songs I should add? Also are any of these your favorite songs?



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