Bookish Thoughts: Morning Star

Another Bookish Thoughts! For bookish thoughts I basically write my feelings emotions, or favorite quotes and put the page # for that comment next to it. It is probably not going to make sense to you if you have not read the book so don’t read this if you haven’t read the book. Also they usually contain MATURE LANGUAGE  and this one is no different. If you are not a fan of explicit language you probably shouldn’t read it. If you don’t care about any of that though have fun reading and let me know what you think!


P.S. You probably want to open your book to the pages because otherwise this probably makes no sense 😀

Pg 24- “Are’s sends his regards,…” Reminds me of Die Hard 

Pg 27- I’m so confused 


Pg 32- yay! Victra is alive 

Pg 39-  haha they codenamed him “the princess”

Pg 40-  you can already see this massive character change in Darrow and it’s really nice 🙂

Pg 48-9- “Because how would a son and daughter of Gold ever know the sound of a clawDrill gnawing through rock? How would they guess that my people would come not from the sky, but from the heart of our planet?”

Pg 72- aww sevro

Pg 75-  I really liked Roque, ughhhhh

Pg 79- Shit sevro!

Pg 97- I like Sevro less right now 😦

Pg 100- Sevro makes it sound like they are joining a fraternity

Pg 126-  sevro ughh don’t be reckless IT’S A TRAP!!

Pg 137-  Sevro is turning into Darrow from book 1

Pg 143- Sevro is pissing me off.

Pg 146- I like the idea of Sevro and Victra together #OTP

Pg 163- poor Sevro 😦 but Quicksilver is right

Pg 163- “Government is never the solution, but is almost always the problem.”

Pg 166-  WTF SEVRO!

Pg 169- aww Sevro

Pg 169- either this book is focusing more on Sevro than Darrow or I have an obsession

Pg 172- yay! yay! yay!

Pg 177- did Darrow “let” Kavax escape?

Pg 179-  “They gave these screens to us as chains. Today, we make them hammers.”

Pg 191- Mustang!

Pg 212- Please say Cassius has a chance a redemption

Pg 232- RAGNAR!!

Pg 236- Sefi… awww

Pg 237- “It is no great thing to die, not when one has lived.”

Pg 238- DAMN YOU Pierce Brown for making me emotional

Pg 259- it looks like Darrow may have actually planned something that will work

Pg 260- yay! I like Sefi

Pg 265- YOU GO SEFI!

Pg 267- YASSS

Pg 274-  Sevro is growing a goatee? Did I miss something?

Pg 279- Sevro+Victra yas #OTP

Pg 293-  shit

Pg 307- I think Darrow’s mom just gave her blessing to Mustang about something… right??

Pg 307- when Darrow raises his arm up all I keep thinking about is the end scene from the Breakfast Club. Movie people can we insert “Don’t You (Forget About Me)” into this scene when it comes?

Pg 319- Seraphina seems cool

Pg 320- mad respect to Romulus but aren’t they only getting your influence them which then makes all of their opinions biased towards yours?

Pg 325- ughhh Roque!! such a backstabbing asshole

Pg 340- I ❤ Kavax

Pg 342- awww

Pg 346- Howler rule #17 hahaha


Pg 354- yes Darrow!

Pg 360- It feels like poetic justice to me that Roque gets taken down by clawDrills. (Also I swear that I wrote this before I turned the page and saw that Brown wrote something like that!)

Pg 376- dude just surrender

Pg 395- of course Tristan and Isolde would be his favorite

Pg 400- yay for Darrow and Cassius bonding! (Okay now that I know what happens I just…ughhh)

Pg 406- shit…

Pg 413- poor Sevro 😦 😦

Pg 418- ughh!! The Jackal is an asshole too

Pg 429- shit Sevro!

Pg 433- Yas! Go Victra+Sevro I love it even more because she proposed

Pg 453- Damn you Cassius!

Pg 455- NO! YOU ASSHOLE!!!

Pg 466- this asshole ughh

Pg 471- I had been waiting this whole book for Cassius and Darrow to try to resolve their problems with each other but damn I hate Cassius right now

Pg 472- Is it sad that I still have this hope that like Cassius and Darrow made some secret plan and that this is an act for the Jackal and the Sovereign

Pg 477- I like seeing what Darrow did for Roque kind of work out



Pg 497- shit shit shit

Pg 518- perfect ending! 😀

Thank you so much for reading if you actually read this far! Comment and tell me if you had similar opinions at this point and honestly I didn’t realize until now how much I wrote about Sevro compared to every other character haha. Either way he’s still a badass! Also I thought this one was going to be shorter than my Queen of Shadows one but I think it was just about as long. Thanks for reading! this was obviously a bloodydamn great book

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