February Book Haul

So so so many books! I posted that I would start doing monthly book hauls and then for like two weeks I didn’t buy any books but then something happened… and I bought 8 plus I received 2 from an Instagram giveaway so that rounds it to 10. Yeah that’s kind of a lot but I’ve read most of them so it’s okay right?? (my thinly veiled way of justify these purchases)


Stars Above by Marissa Meyer (Review)

20160227_163612.jpegThis was released this month so of course I jumped up to buy ASAP. I have already done 3 posts dedicated to this book so it’s pretty obvious that I bought this as soon as it came out and was so excited about it! 5/5 stars

Morning Star by Pierce Brown (Review)

20160227_163647.jpegAnother completely obvious buy for me. Pierce Brown’s books are amazing and this series is getting a spin-off!!! I am so excited to read more and need the books now! 5/5 stars

Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard (Review)

20160227_163731.jpegThis was a most anticipated release for this month but I was kind of disappointed with it. I don’t know why exactly but it was not as good as the first one to me. 3.5/ 5 stars

Under Different Stars by Amy A. Bartol 

20160227_163806.jpegThis is one of the two books that I won from an Instagram giveaway and they sound really good but I haven’t read them yet but hoping to get to them soon!

Sea of Stars by Amy A. Bartol 

20160227_163833.jpegThis is the second book that I won from the giveaway!

Interview With the Vampire by Anne Rice 

20160227_163913.jpegI haven’t read this book yet but I really want to! So my mom is kind of obsessed with Tom Cruise and she wanted me to watch some of his older films since I’ve only seen the Mission Impossible movies. I picked out the movie version of this and I loved it! It was so funny and even though Brad Pitt is in it I still really liked it! That’s basically all it took to get me to buy this book.

The Treatment by Suzanne Young 

20160227_163943.jpegI read The Program this month and I enjoyed it but didn’t love it. I saw this on sale on BookOutlet so I went ahead and bought it. Hoping to read soonish.

Silver Shadows by Richelle Mead (Review)

20160227_164009.jpegOh my, this book took me almost no time to read! I love this series and was glad to finally have this book so I could finish up the series! Great read 5/5 stars

Beastly Bones by William Ritter (Review)

20160227_164033.jpegAnother great book and I just found out that this is a trilogy not a duology!! Honestly Ritter could write 12+ books and I would read everyone of them if they followed these characters. 5/5 stars

A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab

20160227_164108.jpegI just finished this book and I loved it! Oh MY!! I need that next book right now! Review will be coming soon! But if you haven’t read this book series read it!!  5/5 stars

So that was my excessive book haul but I’ve read 6 out of the 10 so that’s a good 60%. And there’s like one day left in the month so you never know I could finish another one? Doubtful but thanks for reading!! 😀





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