Music Friday: Morning Star Playlist (and some crappy excuses)

Let’s start with the crappy excuses: So I haven’t posted a music friday in two weeks and I started doing this, this in February. I’m already a failure I know but my excuses were school. Sometimes school is harder than I plan on it being and I have to devote more time to it than I wish. The main thing in school this month that was a time consuming was a book. We were reading The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner and I was really confused while reading, which meant that I had to annotate and do tons of things to make sure I understood it for my essay. And I know it’s an excuse but school is important so I have to put it first, sadly.

Now on to my playlist which should make up for the last two weeks of none? Maybe? Either way here it is. Also some of these may be EXPLICIT songs so they will have a red asteric (*)

P.S. there may be spoilers in the reasons why I chose each song so don’t read them if you haven’t read the book 😀

Messed up World by the Pretty Reckless (*)

This song was chosen more because it’s talking about how messed up the world is instead of being about the characters or anything else.

I am the Fire by Halestorm

I chose this song to represent Darrow and the internal battle that kind of happens to him throughout not only this book but all of them.

I will follow you into the dark by Death Cab for Cutie

This is more representative of Darrow and Eo’s relationship which is something that he contemplates a lot in this book.

Raise hell by Dorothy

Basically with this song I heard it and I was like Sevro is definitely like this when he’s in charge. Instead of planning for the future let’s just raise a little hell. I feel like it kind of fit him.

Monster by Imagine Dragons

When I heard this song I started thinking of Darrow in past book but also in this one. It’s kind of about when he wants to tell his friends about himself but doesn’t quite know how or if he should.

How are you true by Cage the Elephant

This one vaguely represents Darrow’s internal struggle also but I feel like it can be applied to more than one character so I don’t want to say that it only fits with Darrow.

Those are my song choices! Do you feel like they fit? Are there any songs you would add?

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