The Treatment by Suzanne Young

Note: All reviews are spoiler free unless otherwise stated!


Title: The Treatment

Author: Suzanne Young

# in series: 2nd book in the Program duology

# of pages: 344

My rating: 4/5 stars

Song Choice(s):  Holding onto you by twenty one pilots, Any other way by we the kings

This one was so much better than the first book! I was really surprised by how much I enjoyed this.

I still don’t like James or Sloane and I don’t think there was anything that could have made me like them. I also still dislike Realm, but the rest of the characters were amazing! We meet so many new characters and I loved all of them so much more than the characters in the first book.

Along with these new characters there is so much more that happens in this book which makes it way more entertaining. The plot was so much better than the last one and the world was just as complex as the last one.

The main thing I disliked other than the main characters mentioned was the Tropes. I was hoping with this one there would be less but the continued Tropes did make it annoying .

James and Sloane’s relationship reminds me of how Jace and Clary are being portrayed in the Shadowhunters TV series, so hopefully that helps give perspective to their characters. 😀

The twenty one pilots song kind of describes all of the characters while I picked Any other way by We the Kings because I feel like it represents Dallas by herself who is also my favorite character!

Overall this was a good book and the more minor characters really made the story for me. Plus so much more happens which makes it better than the first one which was slower.

4/5 stars


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