Rip it or Ship it Tag!

Okay so no one actually tagged me to do this, but well I don’t care because it looks like fun! Hopefully I get some good picks 😛

Names going into the hat: 

  • Sevro from the Red Rising series
  • Kell from the ADSOM series
  • Daemon from the Lux series
  • Dawsey from A Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society
  • Tamlin from ACOTAR
  • Warner from the Shatter Me Trilogy
  • Lila from ADSOM series
  • Tessa from the Infernal Devices
  • Sydney from the Bloodlines series
  • Cinder from the Lunar Chronicles
  • Ruby from the Darkest Minds Trilogy
  • America from the Selection series

Okay time to see what the hat gives me. 😀 😀

#1- Tamlin and Cinder 

So they are both kind of awkward and don’t really know what they are doing when it comes to relationships so I think they would be kind of cute actually. Plus Cinder is a cyborg and Tamlin has the whole mask thing so they are peculiar in cute ways.

Verdict: SHIP IT! 

#2-Kell and Sevro 

Umm.. hmm. This is a really hard one. I think that they are really opposites. I mean there is that phrase opposites attract but they may be too opposite for that to work.

Verdict: RIP IT! 

#3-Daemon and Lila 

Wow. This is another hard one to do. I think that Lila would be obsessed with the fact that Daemon is an alien but I don’t know that she could handle the whole alien lifestyle that goes on in that series.

Verdict: RIP IT! 

#4-Warner and Tessa 

Ooooo. I think that Tessa seems to kind of have that bad boy vibe thing, and Warner is pretty bad. Plus Warner would definitely take care of her even if he would be super obsessed with her and probably kind of clingy.

Verdict: SHIP IT! 

#5- Sydney and Dawsey 

Okay so there is kind of an age difference here but Sydney doesn’t seem to have a problem dating older guys and Dawsey is so sweet and nice I think that if she lived in his time period she would definitely love him.

Verdict: SHIP IT! 

#6- America and Ruby 

NO NO NO! I would never force Ruby to have America as her partner. Could you imagine how dysfunctional this relationship would be.

Verdict: RIP IT! 

So that was the Rip it and Ship it tag! Since no one tagged me I’m not going to tag anyone but feel free to do it!

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