The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead

Note: all reviews are spoiler free unless otherwise stated! 


Title: The Glittering Court

Author: Richelle Mead

# in series: 1st book in the Glittering Court trilogy

# of pages: 400

My rating: 3.5/5 stars

Song choice(s): Playlist coming Friday!

Richelle Mead is such an amazing writer and I am never disappointed with her writing style! This is now the 13th book I’ve read by Mead (those were both series though) and I honestly love her simplistic and easy flowing style of writing.

With this book there were things that I love but a couple of things that I didn’t. Starting with what I loved is that she touches on so many important topics that are not always so explicitly talked about in YA. She speaks to feminism, religious toleration vs. freedom, and so many others. The things that I did not like is that this book is focused so heavily on romance, which is to be expected by the summary, and had some feelings of insta-love to it.

Before I talk about all of those things the format of this series sounds so intriguing. From what I’ve read we have the story told in its entirety in each book with it being from different characters POV. This provides new information from each and a new stopping point for each. I think I remember watching an interview where she said something along the lines “you can pass these to other friends and read them out of order because they all take place at the same time”, something along those lines. There is evidence of this because there are many scenes where we don’t get answers because it’s part of another characters story. This sounds really interesting because it means that you could read them in any order and really means that there is no main character because each one is from a different POV.

Okay now the things that I liked about this book: starting with feminism. The main character is presented with a life where she is not treated equally and has been told there is no equality for women.“You’ll have people making choices for you your entire life. Get used to it.” (7). There are many times that she is able to overcome these gender roles and support feminism while doing so. Along with that there is a major problem in the book of religious tolerance v. freedom where certain characters are of another religion and are not being treated equally. Again Mead tackles this topic and manages to display both sides of the problem so well. Then we hit a point where something happens that I don’t want to spoil but she handles it in the most perfect way I could think of and it made me smile (pages 342-366, but mainly that wonderful comeback on 366).

Along with all of the pro-feminism things that I liked about this book I also enjoyed the storyline and the characters but I kind of wanted there to be a more exciting plot line. It felt like the main plot was the insta-love relationship which was not how the story started and the pacing felt pretty off. I usually love Mead’s plotting but this book felt like it dragged a lot in the beginning and then was really fast paced toward the end with a kind of lull in the middle.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and while it displayed so many good topics that I feel are rarely touched on but there was too much insta-love and I felt like that dominated the entire story instead of those important topics.

3.5/5 stars

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