Music Friday: The Glittering Court

Playlists are back! Or at least for now but as we can tell I suck at following through on things so who knows how long this will last? Either way here’s my playlist for The Glittering Court by Richelle Mead and some of the explanations for each song may spoil parts but I’ll try my hardest not to 😀 . Also some songs may be EXPLICIT so they are marked with a red asterick (*).

She hates me by Puddle of Mud *

So this song I feel like it represents Warren and his relationship towards Adelaide which is a little more than just one sided.

Wolves at the door by Bad Seed Rising 

This song really describes the feeling of all the Glittering Court girls once they reach Adoria, plus I really like this song but it also fits really well 😀

Dirty Pretty by In This Moment *

For this song I think it really describes the society standards and gender roles that are placed on the main character as well as all of the girls at the Glittering Court.

What you know by 2 Door Cinema 

I think that this song kind of describes the whole book overall and the whole reason why Adelaide left in the first place.

Put the gun down by ZZ Ward 

This is basically Tamsin in the entirety of the Glittering Court. 😀


So this is a short playlist but I couldn’t find that many songs but I do really like these 😀



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