The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Note: All reviews are spoiler free, however comments section may contain spoilers.


Title:  The Name of the Wind

Author: Patrick Rothfuss

# in series: 1st book in the Kingkiller Chronicle

# of pages: 662

My rating: 5/5 stars

*takes a deep breath*


*exhales, and breathes heavily*

In case you couldn’t tell by the incoherent babbling above… I LOVED THIS BOOK! Ahh I have had my eye on this book for a long time but waited because I wanted to be able to enjoy it with out school pressures.

I have known about Patrick Rothfuss for a while. Surprisingly, I first learned about him during an internship I had at a chemistry lab. My mentor/boss had a tribble stuffed animal on her desk and I asked her about it. After we talked about Star Trek she dragged me to the Campus Bookstore (not that it was hard to get me there) and showed me some of her favorite books. This was top of the list, I think. I can see why now. So thanks, even though you will probably never read this I think I should thank you.

This book was masterfully written and while there was an adjustment period for me to be able to read it without flying through I enjoyed it. It felt like a challenge. Through out it I noticed that I would slow down and reread to make sure that I had everything right because I cared so much about the story.

It also provided perfect pacing with interludes being placed at the most perfect moments so that you could keep wondering but have a break, just like the characters.

Possibly my favorite part of this novel was just that. You felt like you were with the characters. When Kvothe would pause to say something or Bast make some random comment, or the Chronicler take a break to ask a question, it felt like you were there. There was no reader and character barrier, you were able to be sucked into the novel and live there comfortably with the characters.

I will not lie this book is pretty big, and it’s equally complex and intense but that just makes it better. With all of that you get an amazing book. In the beginning I was baffled by the idea that someone could write a trilogy that took place in only three days, but I have full confidence in Rothfuss now.

Through the story that Kvothe weaves you get a great deal of world building and it’s done in such a subtle way that it takes you a minute to realize it. There’s so much to be built and Rothfuss did such an amazing job of it.

Overall I truly loved this book and do not hesitate to say that this is now my favorite book, most likely of all time. Hopefully this review was coherent enough, as I tried to cut down my ‘goods’, ‘greats’, and ‘awesomes’.

5/5 stars


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