The Dragon Loyalty Award

I was tagged to do this I don’t even know when but it completely slipped my mind until now so here it is! Thanks Kirstie @ozbooksnail for tagging me!!! Okay so here it is…


  1. Give 9 facts about yourself. There’s 2 options:
    1. 4 true and 5 false
    2. 5 true and 4 false 
  2. Tag others! 

Have fun guessing  😛

Also I decided to try and uses gifs in this because Kirstie’s looked so cool.

The Facts (or are they?) 


I have a seriously large obsession with The Office (U.S.)!!



My favorite book to movie adaptation is the Book Thief.



I love Disney movies and know the words to almost every song from the princess movies.



When I get into a reading slump the easiest way for me to get out of it is to clean.



If I had to choose between only reading standalones and reading series I would pick standalones.



Gifs were things that I didn’t really know about until someone at school showed me and I thought they were pronounces jif only to be swiflty chastised for apparently being wrong.



My friend and I loved The Importance of Being Earnest and now when we see each other we will shout “Get in the carriage Gwendolen”.




I drink coffee all the time! Like 24/7 and can’t function without it.



I’ve seen Allegiant three times and have plans to go see it at least a fourth.


Do you know which ones are right? Also I’m pretty sure these gifs don’t always match up with them but you know whatever 😀



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