Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige

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Title: Dorothy Must Die

Author: Danielle Paige

# in series: 1st book in the Dorothy Must Die Trilogy

# of pages: 452

My rating: 3.5/5 stars


A Wizard of Oz retelling? Yes sign me up!

Starting with the world, I was completely obsessed! It had a very Tim Burton movie feel to it which I love. All of the quirky and weird little details about this world were amazing. I loved getting to hear about these subtle differences that made the world so different, like PermaSmile (which was basically temporary botox). The whole world of Oz felt very much like something Tim Burton would create. If this gets optioned for a movie someone needs to hire him to do it.

The relationships between all of the characters eventually I enjoyed but at first they felt very pushed. There was almost like an immediate trust and relationship between the main character and the minor characters with almost no hesitation. It felt unrealistic and very pushed. Eventually though that slowed down though and the characters slowly began to regard each other in very realistic ways.

One of the main things that I disliked about this book was that it felt like there was slut-shaming of the villain by the main character. There were many cases where Amy Gumm pointed out that whatever the villain, Dorothy, was wearing seemed inappropriate or made an off hand comment about it. To me it felt very much like a shaming of the villain and not productive to the story at all.

But besides that I loved Amy and all of her flaws because she felt very realistic. I mean her high school life was hysterical and when she arrived in Oz the majority of her emotions felt real and like you would be there with her. She was a complex character whose flaws became her strengths.

The pacing of the story was very off. When you look back at how much happened in the first book it’s a lot but it didn’t have a flow to it that made it work out. It felt like a really choppy story where so much happens and then there was a drag but then it would repeat it over and over again. It caused a couple of parts to lack the emotion that some would feel during these important moments.

Romance was one of the things that felt non-existent. I actually enjoyed this because while there were hints and even times where the main character gives major ideas to who she’s crushing on, it was never the main part of the story. With YA there tends to usually be a major focus put on the romance and the lack of it in this book was really nice.

Overall I really enjoyed parts of it but the plot dragged with it’s choppiness that it made it hard to enjoy.

3.5/5 stars


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