Booktubeathon TBR

The wonderful Eden @ booknerdquirks told me about the Booktubeathon and while I heard about it last year I didn’t really know much about it. But now I do and I am so excited to participate!

Booktubeathon TBR

So if you don’t know what the Booktubeathon is basically a couple of YouTubers came up with these challenges that take place over a week and you create your TBR for the 7 days and try to do these challenges. Anyways I’m making no sense but I’ll link the video that explains it all right here. Okay time to actually start my TBR:

#1: Read a book with yellow on the cover

This book is yellowish so it counts right? Okay but this is a reread for me but the third one is coming out soon so I am looking forward to this reread.





#2: Read a book only at night

I won this on a Goodreads giveaway and I’m hoping that it will get here in time for the Booktubeathon so I don’t have to choose another books. But the reason I chose this book is that it sounds a little scary and I thought you know reading at night and reading something scary kind of goes together. At least to me it does.




#3: Read a book you found through Booktube

imgres-2I’ve heard so many great things about this book on Booktube and I finally have it so I can’t wait to start reading it.






#4: Read a book by your favorite author

imgres-1It was so hard to pick a favorite author so I kind of went by length of the book and while this one is kind of big it was the smallest of my favorite authors. Plus I’ve heard amazing things about this book!





#5: Read a book that’s older than you

time-machine-coverI mean I’m only 18 so there are a lot of books that are older than me but this has been on my TBR for so long that I need to finally read it.






#6: Read a book and watch the movie adaptation: 

imgresWho wouldn’t pick Harry Potter for this?

And Cursed Child comes out at the end of the month!





#7: Read 7 books

imgres-3.jpgI’m hoping that after I finish Shadow and Bone that I will have time to start this book because I really want to marathon this series.






That’s my TBR. Are you participating in the Booktubeathon?



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