The Winner’s Curse by Marie Rutoski

*all reviews are spoiler free*

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Title: The Winner’s Curse

Author: Marie Rutkoski

# in series: 1st book in The Winner’s Trilogy

# of pages: 354

My rating: 3.5/5 stars

3.5 stars

I am so tired so if this review becomes slightly incoherent it’s because it’s my second night of staying up until 1 a.m. Just a warning 😛

I have to start out with the writing because it was beautiful. It was so simplistic, yet it also had a nice flow to it that made reading this book in one sitting a breeze. The way Rutkoski incorporated the multiple POVs without chapter splits is one of my favorite things. She manages to make the story flow without the choppiness that can happen with multiple POVs.

The characters felt relatable but I honestly feel no connection to them and they aren’t a main reason to get me to continue the series. I enjoyed Kestrel and Arin’s story but it just didn’t connect and give me any of the feels.

However, I did enjoy the plot. While I thought it would be kind of simplistic at first the amount of internal struggle made it quite enjoyable. I really loved getting to see how the story progressed, especially the second half.

Overall I don’t really have much to say because I am exhausted but I did enjoy this book and will probably continue because I see how they could have the series get better.

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