The Winner’s Crime by Marie Rutkoski

*all reviews are spoiler free*


Title: The Winner’s Crime

Author: Marie Rutkoski

# in series: 2nd book in the Winner’s Trilogy

# of pages: 402

My rating: 4/5 stars

Song Choice: Save My Life by ZZ Ward

4 stars

Ahh this series is just getting better and better!

In my review for The Winner’s Curse I talked about how I saw a chance for this series to get better because I enjoyed it but had some things I didn’t like. This book definitely redeemed the series.

Starting with the characters because they have completely stolen my attention. In the beginning I honestly had no real interest in them but with all of their amazing development in this book- I was completely hooked. Both of the main characters grew so much and created such an opposing duo that whenever they were near each other you could feel the physical tension. Along with all of their opposing characteristics you could easily see how they changed and became such interesting characters that caused you to care so much about them.

Again I loved Rutkoski’s writing. Her simplistic yet almost poetic way of writing created such a great flow that you could sit and read it forever. The third person narrative will always be my favorite form of writing and she did an amazing job of making it still feel personal to each character without changing her style.

The plot was my favorite thing about the previous installment and while the plot obviously has slight changes I still loved it. There was still all of the older amazing parts of it but it was then combined with more internal struggle as well as a large amount of external ones.

My only complaint was again the pacing, it was beginning to get choppy. Not because of split POVs because those worked seamlessly but because there were a lot of lull moments where nothing really happened that caused this weird drag to the story.

Overall I really enjoyed this book and it’s definitely pushed me to finish the series.

4/5 stars


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