Pokémon Go Book Tag

I was so excited when I finally saw that someone had created this tag. My neighbors, my brother, and I all used to play Pokémon on our little GameBoys 24/7 so when Pokémon Go came out of course I downloaded it, and I have been playing it obsessively since then. I wasn’t actually tagged by anybody but I’m going to do it anyways. Let’s get started!


Starters: the book that started your love for reading:



For me Cinder was the book that got me back into reading so it will always be considered the book that got me to really start reading.





Pikachu: an iconic classic that you’ll always love 

images-1I have a feeling that this will forever be my favorite classic because I just love it so much. I get to read it this year for my Lit class, so I’m really excited for that.






Zubat: a book you lost interest in because it’s literately everywhere

Beautiful-creatures-book-cover-imageThis book was just everywhere it seems. I actually read the first one and own the next two. I bought all three because I heard everyone talking about it but after the first one I don’t think I will ever continue it.




Ditto: a book that reminds you of other book (tropes) but you still love it anyway

imgresI was lucky enough to get an ARC copy of this book and it was amazing so you should definitely read it if you haven’t. But it does contain a lot of tropes. Honestly it took me a while to even notice them but once I did I kept noticing but it didn’t stop me from enjoying it.





Snorlax: a book/series you have not started because of sheer size 

imgres-1I really really want to read this series because I’m sure that I would love it, and I’ve actually watched the first season already but it’s just so massive that it’s pretty intimidating.






Gengar: a book that kept you up night

imgres-2So many books have I stayed up way too late on a school night to finish but this was probably my most recent and most memorable. This series was spectacular and I loved every minute of it.





NidoKing/Queen: your bookish OTP

imgres-4LILA AND KELL!!! 1,000% are they my all time favorite pairing and I need the final book so badly so we can hopefully end on a good note.






Rapidash: a fire-hot, fast-paced read

imgres-3If you’ve read this you know how fire-hot it is and how it’s pretty fast-paced. It’s so good and I don’t know what else to say because I’m sure almost everyone’s already read this one 😛






Eevee: series you’ll never tired of seeing spin-offs for

imgres-4.jpgThis book series is going into it’s second spin-off I think and honestly should could write 10+ more and I would automatically pick up every single one.






Magikarp: a book/series that was surprisingly awesome

imgres-1The amount of mixed reviews I heard about this series made me really skeptical about going into it but overall I really enjoyed it.






Legendary: an overhyped series your still excited to read

imgres-5.jpgI’ve heard so much about this series and even though I’m sure it’s overhyped I am still so excited to read it.

Update: I have actually read this since I wrote this and I was right it is so amazing and I don’t think overhyped at all so maybe this was a bad pick. 🙂 😛




Mew & Mewto: a collector’s edition you wish you owned

tumblr_mij916sYPL1qa5dcko3_1280.pngWho doesn’t want all of the Harry Potter books with your coordinating house (Ravenclaw pride)? These just look amazing and I’d love to have them.





Poke-egg: a debut novel you’re very excited for 

imgres-6So this book has technically come out already but I haven’t bought or read it and I really want to so I’m counting it.






Lure module: an auto buy author


She will always be an auto buy even though I haven’t read that many books by her 😀

Servers down: a book release you’ve been waiting on forever

imgres-2I don’t think we’ve been waiting that long for this book but it feels like it’s been forever but I am still super excited for it.






That’s the pokemon go book tag! Hope you enjoyed it 😀


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