Book Recommendations: August 2016

It’s time for more recommendations! Also I’ve decided that now I am going to recommend by using random words so comment below with whatever random words you can think of and I’ll try to find a book that fits with it. 😀

So for this month no one recommended anyone words so I’m just going to put some random words into a generator and see which ones I get, hopefully this works out well.

First Word: Cat

imgresThis was an obvious choice because it has Church in it and he’s probably one of my favorite pets from any book series.






Second Word: Heart

imgres-1I felt like this was a harder choice but still think this was an easy pick. This book has two main characters and one is trying to stay human while the other wants to lose their humanity to survive. It’s seems to be very centered around what’s close to their hearts whether or not they realize it.





Third Word: Shadows

imgres-1I just recently read this book and I am obsessed but I think it was a perfect fit and not just because it’s in the title. The entire battle between the Darkling and Alina was just amazing and it just felt like a good fit.





Those are my recommendations! and don’t forget to comment with your random words so I can have some for next month 😛


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