Landline by Rainbow Rowell

*all reviews spoiler free*


Title: Landline

Author: Rainbow Rowell

# of pages: 308

My rating: 4/5 stars

4 stars

I love Rainbow Rowell and her writing style and basically anything she writes I will pick up and read. This one was no different.

Starting with the characters which were quite different than the books I normally read. For me I really enjoyed them although it took a little bit of adjusting but I think thats just because I was not in the mindset of someone who’s married with two kids. Once I adjusted my way of thinking about the character though I felt as though I could completely relate to the main character. She was very work driven and while she wanted the best of both worlds she recognized that sacrifices would have to be made. Her and some of the other main characters were so strong and just full of this knowing feeling that I really enjoyed.

Then there was the writing style. Which is Rainbow Rowell so it was obviously wonderful, but this one just had a different feel than some of her other books. It was nothing bad or better than the others but just some shift in her writing to help connect this story to the adult world I think.

Honestly this book was very different to me because I almost wasn’t sure what category it fit in. The plot is about a middle aged woman discovering her old landline is magical and she can talk to her boyfriend (now husband) in the past. It felt like it was a contemporary and that’s how its categorized but it also was so odd that I wasn’t too sure. However I completely enjoyed the plot. It was really weird yet by the end it felt like the most normal thing ever to have a phone that calls the past.

I was continually surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. Which I don’t know why because I’ve already established my love for Rainbow Rowell but I always feel really skeptical about contemporaries because they are so different than what I would normally choose to read.

Overall though I found another amazing book by her and it was something that was doubly out my comfort zone but I still found myself enjoying it.

4/5 stars


10 thoughts on “Landline by Rainbow Rowell

  1. Alicia @hashtaglovebooks says:

    I agree with your review! This book was definitely out of my comfort zone because I had never read a book quite like it but I ended up enjoying it very much! I think the only thing that was a bit of a let down were the characters, I found it really difficult to relate to them! Great review

    Liked by 1 person

    • quirkyandpeculiar says:

      Yeah I have similar feelings. The characters were definitely harder to relate to than any of the others that I’ve read by her but I don’t know if it was age or writing. It’s good to know someone had similar feelings 😊


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