Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

*all reviews are spoiler free*

Title: Six of Crows

Author: Leigh Bardugo

# in series: 1st book in the Six of Crows duology

# of pages: 462

My rating: 5/5 stars

Song Choice: Misfits by Shinedown

5 stars

I was completely in love with Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy, so another series set in the same world? Of course I had to read it.

What I especially loved about this spin off series was that there were no spoilers for the original series. There was definitely hints at other characters and even mentions and appearances but there was nothing that would ruin the other series. I love that you could have read this duology first and then gone back to the original series and not been spoiled.

Going back to the original trilogy I was in love with the characters that Bardugo created. She always managed to create the most complex and complicated characters and thenfit them in seamlessly to her story. This new duology was no different. I was completely obssesed with Kaz, Inej, Nina, Jesper, Matthias, and Wylan. The eclectic 6 person crew worked on so many dynamic levels.

Leigh’s writing is honestly one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. Everytime I read something by her I fall in love with her writing style. She always manages to create a different style with every character but have it all flow so it doesn’t have the feel of multiple authors.

The plot was so different than the original series and was definitely in love with it. This spin off follows the main 6 person crew that is led by the all wonderful yet mysterious Kaz who is known to do anything and everything for money. When he makes an impossible deal it’s just about whether or not him and his crew can follow through. Honestly I was a little nervous that this book would not be able to live up to the amazing level of the Grisha Trilogy but now I don’t know because I may love this book more than the other series.

Overall Leigh Bardugo is able to mesmerize me with her writing style and always keep me reading.

5/5 stars

P.S. If you’ve read this book, go listen to the song I recommended because I really think it fits this book. 🙂


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