A Mad Zombie Party by Gena Showalter

*all reviews are spoiler free*


Title: A Mad Zombie Party

Author: Gena Showalter

# in series: 4th book in the White Rabbit Chronicles

# of pages: 385

My rating: 4/5 stars

4 stars

Okay so truthfully I didn’t even know this book existed. Over a year ago I read the first three books to the series and thought they were done. Even in the synopsis of the third one on Goodreads it says “In this stunning conclusion”! Still I don’t know how I missed the update where they decided to add a fourth.

But besides me being completely baffled to find out that this book existed I was still really excited about it. I really enjoyed the original three and pretty much anything that has zombies in it I am willing to read. While I was excited I was also pretty nervous because the third book wrapped everything up and for an author to come back from an ending like that felt like it would be a struggle.

Yet once again I was surprised this plot while still focusing on the same group zeroed in on two characters I never thought it would. I think that’s what made this book a success. When Showalter decided to reopen the series into something new she definitely could not have focused on the same two main characters. I loved how she brought these two completely similar and yet totally different characters together and mashed it up perfectly. The characters made the story worth reading for me.

The plot itself was great too because it brought back that feeling of dread that was a major theme in the previous three books. Every time you thought they had managed to neutralize this threat it would somehow pop back up again somewhere else. What I really liked about that though was that it never felt like Showalter was using the same villains because it was easy. It felt like she genuinely had a great plan and executed it the proper way.

I really enjoyed getting to see how she used these new/not so new characters in different ways to connect it to the previous story. It didn’t feel like she cut out the old story for the new but actually gave a sense of cohesiveness to the series as a whole.

Showalter also has the most amazing writing style I have ever seen. Her first person narrative flip flops for each character she does and she manages to write each character so differently while managing to stamp the writing with her own style so you can immediately recognize it as hers.

The only thing that I did not like was the ending. I enjoyed this book and was at a 5 star rating until the notes from certain characters at the end. For me that almost ruined it. I know plenty of people love when stories are wrapped up and then there’s the beautiful epilogue explaining more and in some cases that is great but in this one it wasn’t. I  felt like Showalter had wrapped up the story nicely leaving that nice sense of what could happen next at the end. And then you turned the page. It wasn’t that what happened after annoyed me or anything but it was the fact that she took away the best part of ending a series. The feeling of wanting more.

Overall minus the last couple pages I thoroughly enjoyed this book and managed to read in only a couple hours. It was a great story and a stellar conclusion.

4/5 stars


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