Hexed by Michelle Krys

*all reviews are spoiler free*


Title: Hexed

Author: Michelle Krys

Series Status: The 1st book in the Witch Hunter Series

# of pages: 369

My rating: 2/5 stars

2 stars

I don’t really know where to start with this book because I almost DNFed but figured since it’s a pretty small book I should push through anyways.

So starting with my major flaw: the characters. Ughh so many of the main characters were infuriating. We have our main character, Indigo, who is literately the cheerleader stereotype and seems to have no views for herself really because she always jumped on everything other characters say. Then there’s the male counterpart, Bishop or Leather Jacket Guy, who’s humor I found gross and awkward. Plus we have the main characters only two “friends”, Bianca and Paige. Bianca is also a cheerleader and is the classic mean girl stereotype who immediately proves her willingness to do anything for fame. Then we have Paige who Indigo would completely ignore until she finally needs for something which pushes Paige into the classic nerdy girl stereotype. Plus the Indigo-Paige friendship was so bad, and not even truly a friendship because from the first page with Paige in it you can see her getting used. I think what Krys was attempting with all of these characters was to show how you can be a stereotype and still be your own person but it didn’t come off that way at all. Instead it felt like she took basic Tropes like good girl cheerleader falls for bad boy sport hater and just added a witch element.

For me it was just awkward and unrealistic. It also had major themes of degrading females in it and that was really annoying. It felt like our main character thought she should do everything any guy asked her to with out question and it just overall had a gross feeling of the male having to be superior in some way.

Then there was the plot. I don’t want to spoil it but the plot didn’t make sense to me. It felt like it was all over the place and had no real structure. Most of the build up moments didn’t excite me for what was coming next and the climax scenes did not draw me in.

Overall I really did not like this book and would not really recommend to anyone because it seemed to be filled with Tropes and submissive relationships, and honestly there’s so much more I could write about this book but I don’t like writing these negative reviews and most of the other annoying things would be spoiling you. So basically this book was not for me.


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