The Midnight Star by Marie Lu

*all reviews are spoiler free*


Title: The Midnight Star

Author: Marie Lu

Series Status: 3rd book in the Young Elites Trilogy

# of pages: 312

My rating: 4/5 stars


With this series finally being over I am full of bittersweet feelings. This series wrapped up perfectly and concluded with probably my favorite book out of the three which makes the fact that it’s over so sad yet happy.

Starting with the characters because I have always had a flawed love for Adelina. She is this dark and twisted character and basically our villain for this series. But she’s also our protagonist and is given so much development and sympathy that you can’t help but occasionally side with her even if you are infuriated by her wrong doings. This is my all time favorite thing about this series, not only does Lu create an unreliable character but she literately makes her our main character and gives her every trait of villain possible. I loved that because it so different than anything I have ever read and made your connection to Adelina so different. Plus there was her relationships with other characters. In the moments that she hates Raffaele you couldn’t help but understand her feelings but also side with him, mostly. And anytime she had anything going with Magiano I was so conflicted on whether or not I wanted it because of how much I loved him and how much I knew about her. This made the whole narrative have a different feel and make my feelings throughout so conflicting.

Then there’s the fact that this world they live in now constantly changing. Where malfettos, the people who survived a blood fever, are persecuted you have a group of characters that are first hand experiencing this. Then with changes happening in the later books it added so much to the world. I really loved the world building that takes place and especially the fact that with changing narratives you got to see very different sides to the same world based on each characters perception.

Another thing that I loved throughout the series were the little quotes that are at the start of each chapter header. Whether they directly related to what was about to happen or were just small pieces of ancient stories they provided so much development to the world without the overused way of explanation throughout. It’s a really unique way to provide backstory.

The only thing that I felt was lacking or poorly done was the pacing. I felt like the beginning was really slow and dragged but then the last forty or so pages was where everything happened. I loved those last pages but when I think back to the beginning I’m saddened that nothing of major importance really happened. Maybe it was because this book is relatively small and she wanted to push a lot into a few pages but I feel like just an extra twenty or so pages could have fixed this pacing problem.

Overall though I loved this series and especially this final installment because it was full of so much emotion and raw feelings and everything needed to end this story the right way.

4/5 stars


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