Book Recommendations: January 2017

Okay so I have not done one of these in months. I mean months. And in the last one I asked you for some amazing words that I could give recommendations off of but then I never did it. So here’s to a new year and hopefully to me continuing this series because I really like doing it. Let’s get started:

First Word: Delectable

heartless_blackI know what you’re thinking, you didn’t like this book so why are you recommending it? While I personally didn’t enjoy this book I know tons of people who did and so I feel like just because I didn’t like it doesn’t mean you won’t. Also this book features so many delectable treats and desserts that I have to choose this.





Second Word: Discombobulating

51qhtzfrfgl-_sx329_bo1204203200_This book was amazing and honestly I wouldn’t say it was exactly discombobulating per say but it is that kind of book that you could easily get confused in because of the fast pace and amazingly weird lay out so I think it is the best choice.





Third Word: Inimical

urlI feel like this the most obvious choice ever. But I mean this book is full of action, enemies, alliances and basically anything you could ever want. Plus it has some inimical characters with it.





Fourth Word: Headstrong

unwindThis series is filled with tons of headstrong characters and an amazing plot. I have yet to finish the series but I am dying to. And they recently got new covers so if you are creeped out by this there are new beautiful options.

Review: Unwholly (second book)




Those are this month’s recommendations! Thank you so much for all of the words and I didn’t use them all because I wanted to save some for next month but please comment down below with more words for me to add to the next set of recommendations.


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