ARC Review: Freeks by Amanda Hocking

*all reviews are spoiler free*


Title: Freeks

Author: Amanda Hocking

Series Status: Standalone

Publish Date: January 3rd, 2017

# of pages: 387

My rating: 3/5 stars


*I received a free copy in exchange for a honest review*

This story started off so well. I was invested and enjoying it but then it just got annoying and disappointing.

I think that probably my favorite thing about this book was the characters. I loved them because they were hilarious and relatable but they also stood out as this uniquely different type of character than in normal fantasy novels. My favorite was probably Luka or Hutch, I honestly think that if I was in this book I would be Hutch. Then there was Mara who I found I enjoyed because she felt very grounded and understanding of the world around her in a way that I feel like most YA characters lack. While I really liked the main character, Mara, she felt hard to separate from the romance.

The romance was probably one of the most annoying things about this book to me. There was nothing inherently wrong with the romance and it I did not even dislike the romance in itself but it was so much insta-love that I could not handle it. The story takes place over a span of ten days so for a romance to progress as much as it did in this book felt so unrealistic.

I do however think that the romance helped set the tone for the book which was pretty fast paced through out. I actually liked the fast pace for the majority of the book until we reached the end, then it felt like Hocking wrapped up the story too quickly because she didn’t want to spill over into a second book. I didn’t really have a problem with that other then I felt like she placed it plot devices to make the story convenient and lead up to this super specific ending that made it really annoying.

While she definitely created things that were convenient to the story I still found myself being drawn in and wanting to continue. I think this was due to her writing style. It felt like a nice and relaxed yet descriptive narrative that made it easy to pick up on a whim or to try and pull you out of a slump.

Then there was the plot itself which was pretty interesting but it took to long to take form and give me enough information to be invested. I liked how it was a mysterious beginning and I thought it was going to take a Nancy Drew route but instead Hocking seemed to place importance on the romance instead of the storyline which kind of disappointed me.

Overall I really was drawn into this book but could not get over some of the convenient plot devices and insta-love that dominated the story.

3/5 stars

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