Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

*all reviews are spoiler free*


Title: Marked

Author(s): P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Series Status: 1st book in the House of Night Series

# of pages: 306

My rating: 3/5 stars


I’ve weirdly been in the mood for the “old school” paranormal books lately. And buy old school I mean during that random vampire craze that happened when Twilight was still popular. This helped satisfy that craving but then I realized there’s twelve books in this series so probably not going to read them all but who knows.

What I did like about this book was that they had a matriarchal society. It does not sound like anything major but something so simple as how the vampyres internal society works was fascinating to me.

Something else that was surprisingly enjoyable to me was the characters. I thought it would stereotypical Troped kind of characters like you normally see in vampire novels but instead I was surprised that I really enjoyed the characters for the most part. Although Damien is definitely my favorite I still really liked the main character, Zoey. She felt like most main characters but there was nothing that made her disconnected.

However this is still going under that category of the more “cheesy” paranormal novels for me. While it was enjoyable and I was able to read it in just a couple hours it still had that major ring of cliche to it. You could still see the Tropes filled throughout which kind of took away from the book.

Overall this book wasn’t terrible even if it is a classic paranormal book.

3/5 stars


4 thoughts on “Marked by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

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