Emerald Green by Kerstin Gier

*all reviews are spoiler free*


Title: Emerald Green

Author: Kerstin Gier

Series Status: 3rd book in the Precious Stones (or Ruby Red) Trilogy

# of pages: 447

My rating: 4/5 stars


Yessss I did it! I finally marathoned another trilogy! And honestly it feels so great I need to start doing this with every book series I haven’t read yet.

Of course I need to continue to talk about just how much I love Xemerius. Because once again he moves up in my list of favorite minor characters. Even though his presence seemed to be a little more underdone in this installment his humor came in enough that I was laughing almost every time he was present. He will probably never cease to be one of those witty characters that I love to read about.

This time I think the plot was way better than in the previous two installments. It no longer felt simplistic but instead was really well developed for the most part and kept me really intrigued through out. However I found some major issues with the ending and felt like Gier started some great ideas but either never fleshed them out or did but never explained some things which left me with feeling kind of disappointed at the end of the final book.

Finally there is a villain that I can thoroughly hate throughout the series! Usually third installments provide so much development and backstory to the villain that you feel a better understanding for their reasoning but instead this only helped solidify more my strong dislike for this villain.

And of course there was this romance which I am still not a fan of. Through out the book I actually was coming to terms with the relationship and was willing to disregard the major notions of insta love in it to just enjoy the book but then the end of the book just made me really hate this relationship and dislike the book even more.

With out spoiling I truly enjoyed everything about this book until about the last forty or so pages where I felt like most of the story collapsed and that was due to Gier not fleshing out ideas and pushing this relationship too much.

Overall I still really enjoyed the majority of the book and if I overlook the small problems I had with it was still I really good series as a whole.

4/5 stars

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