Freya by Matthew Laurence



Title: Freya

Author: Matthew Laurence

Series Status: 1st book in the Freya duology

# of pages: 342

My rating: 3/5 stars



From Goodreads

Freya is myth. She is legend. And she’s about to make one hell of a comeback.

Sara Vanadi is more than she appears to be.

In her prime, she was Freya, the Norse goddess of love, beauty, war, and death. Now all that’s left of her legacy is herself. Her power comes from belief, and for an ancient goddess in the 21st century, true believers are hard to come by.

She’s been lying low for a few decades, when all of a sudden a shadowy corporation extends an offer: join them and receive unlimited strength and believers—or refuse and be destroyed. Sara chooses neither; she flees with the help of a new friend named Nathan.

With a modern power rising that wishes to bend the divine to its will, Sara decides to fight back—but first she needs some new clothes.


This is this month’s BooklyBox Fantasy book so I will be doing a podcast later this month with my co-mod where we talk more in depth about this book. So this is just going to be overall feelings.

I didn’t really like it. I thought at first that this sounded pretty interesting and the whole belief system within the world is actually pretty intriguing (I’m a sucker for unique worlds). But once I started reading I couldn’t get over some of the things the author added to the story unnecessarily.

He created plot devices within the story that weren’t even subtle and made the story feel as though it was going in a very specific direction. The whole time I was reading it was pretty obvious that the author had a planned direction and that it would only be that option.

Then there were the characters, we have Freya who is this Norse goddess who currently lives in an asylum for her own protection. This was the part that I thought was such a cool idea because it could have been AHS Season Two crossed with Norse Mythology. But then she escapes so quickly and brings with her the new tech guy, Nathan. My main problems for the story circle around Nathan. He drops everything with no hesitation to run off with a girl that just broke out of an asylum. Freya tells him she’s a goddess and then uses her powers as an example. Her “powers” were also slightly problematic for me. She’s the goddess of love, beauty, war, and death so she can compel people to fall in love with her. She kind of takes on a siren status and uses her powers throughout the whole story to get whatever she wants.

Overall I was not a big fan of this book but I really enjoyed the overall idea.

3/5 stars


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