Book Recommendations: May 2017

Hey everyone so it’s time for another book recommendations post! It’s been a while but I really enjoy doing them. So my recommendations are based off of random words given by you so comment some random words that I will use next month! Anyways let’s get started!

First Word: Green

29358487I picked this one because obviously it’s green but also because I really love this book! It’s full of short stories that take place within the Peculiar world. I would suggest reading the Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children series first.





Second Word: Summer

18189606.jpgThis is a cute contemporary that I think is perfect for summer. It mostly focuses on friendships and how distance changes them but it does have a hint of romance in it.





Third Word: Fox

ACOWAR_US.jpgEveryone should have known that I would sneak this book in somehow. But it actually fits with this word. There’s a character in here *no spoilers* that goes with this word really well. Plus this book was amazing. It is the third book in the series though so I would recommend reading the other two first.




So those are my recommendations for this month. Don’t forget to comment some words for next month’s recommendations!


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