Netflix Book Tag | Tag Tuesday

It’s tag time again! Yay! So I wasn’t actually tagged this time but it’s not going to stop me from doing it. I’m super excited because who doesn’t love Netflix?

Netflix Book TAg.jpg

Recently Watched | What is the last book you finished?

a21db70957c6273bd9164381a92eef97I got this from the May Fantasy BooklyBox, and was amazed at how good this book was! It’s full of political humor and is just hilarious.





Top Picks | Books recommended to you based on another you’d read

From having read Passenger my friend recommended me Ruby Red. I was surprised by how much I liked Ruby Red, these are both great series and while I haven’t read Wayfarer yet these series are so incredible!

Recently Added | Last book you bought?

29346870.jpgThis is for a live show book club that I am apart of and I haven’t read it yet but I am so excited to!






Popular on Netflix | List two you have read and two that you have not that you have not that are getting hype 

I have read A Court of Wings and Ruin and Lord of Shadows and they are definitely worth the hype! I have not read Mistborn or Always and Forever Lara Jean but I think I will read Mistborn but I do not know about the other.

Comedies | A funny book

18189606I read this a while but I remember it being cute and funny! It’s a great summer read.





Drama | Character that is a drama king or queen?

23281652Pretty much all of the characters in this book were drama kings and queens in this book and I really disliked it.






Cartoons | A book with a cartoon on the cover

31931690I don’t know if they actually count as cartoons but there are small drawings on this cover! But this book was incredible and I loved it.







Watch Again | A book you want to read again 

urlNow that I know there are more books coming from this world, I definitely feel that there is a reread in order!






Documentaries: a nonfiction you would recommend to all

51T0nPdW14L._SY344_BO1,204,203,200_This is a short little essay type book but it is amazing and so well written. I feel like everyone should read this book even if it’s just to understand what the term “feminist” actually means.






Action & Adventure | An action packed book 

510d4dwotll-_sx335_bo1204203200_This book was packed full of so many exciting and crazy adventures and I really enjoyed it.






New Releases | What is a new release you’re excited about? 

32075662.jpgI am dying for this book to come out! I love Victoria Schwab and after the first book in this series I cannot wait for the next one.




So that’s the Netflix book tag! Since I wasn’t tagged I won’t tag anyone but if you want to do it feel free to!

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