City of Saints and Thieves by Natalie C. Anderson



Title: City of Saints and Thieves

Author: Natalie C. Anderson

Series Status: Standalone

# of pages: 401

My rating: 5/5 stars



From Goodreads

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo meets Gone Girl in this enthralling YA murder mystery set in Kenya.

In the shadows of Sangui City, there lives a girl who doesn’t exist. After fleeing the Congo as refugees, Tina and her mother arrived in Kenya looking for the chance to build a new life and home. Her mother quickly found work as a maid for a prominent family, headed by Roland Greyhill, one of the city’s most respected business leaders. But Tina soon learns that the Greyhill fortune was made from a life of corruption and crime. So when her mother is found shot to death in Mr. Greyhill’s personal study, she knows exactly who’s behind it.

With revenge always on her mind, Tina spends the next four years surviving on the streets alone, working as a master thief for the Goondas, Sangui City’s local gang. It’s a job for the Goondas that finally brings Tina back to the Greyhill estate, giving her the chance for vengeance she’s been waiting for. But as soon as she steps inside the lavish home, she’s overtaken by the pain of old wounds and the pull of past friendships, setting into motion a dangerous cascade of events that could, at any moment, cost Tina her life. But finally uncovering the incredible truth about who killed her mother—and why—keeps her holding on in this fast-paced nail-biting thriller.


I haven’t read that many YA thrillers but this one was able to hook me from the first page and was definitely one that kept me hooked on every page.

I loved how this story started by giving light to the fact that the main character, Christina, is a thief who is trying to make her way in the world while also avenging her mother’s death. Seeing Christina show you the ways of thievery through her little rules was one of my favorite things about this story because it  provided a unique way to give character development. We have a girl who thinks she’s closed herself off from the world and is going to be fine as long as she never gets too close to anyone but knows she requires help if she is going to avenge this death.

The complexity that went behind the weaving of the story is what really sold me. You could tell this was researched and planned out from the beginning and while the ending may have seem kind of obvious I still loved the story. I don’t know that I would classify this as a thriller but it definitely was an intense and interesting read.

Overall I loved this book and I am having trouble putting into words exactly how great it was to me so I’m so sorry that this review is super short but I loved this book so much and I want to immediately reread it.

5/5 stars


13 thoughts on “City of Saints and Thieves by Natalie C. Anderson

      • Nina Carboni says:

        I have the book and when I bought it I read the first couple of chapters and I thought it sounded really good…then it sat on my shelf for a while. I often borrow audio books through overdrive of titles that I have the hardcopy of so I can listen during the day when I’m cleaning and cooking and then read at night. I like this on audio because the narrator has a beautiful African accent and it definitely gives it another layer of authenticity. I think that this story is incredibly important and should be required reading!

        Liked by 1 person

        • quirkyandpeculiar says:

          Yes I agree this would be an amazing required reading book. And I’ve recently begun doing the same thing with audiobooks, I don’t listen to them often because I find that I zone out but if they are good enough I usually alternate reading and listening.

          Liked by 1 person

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