My Top Ten Most Read Authors

I know this is a kind of different book post but I thought it was something that’s really interesting and I saw a couple of booktubers do this ages ago and I thought it would be fun. If you want to make your own post about this that would be amazing because I’m interested to see who’s read the most by certain authors. Please let me know if you do it so I can read your post! Anyways let’s see who my top ten most read authors are (also this is going based off books I own and have read so that excludes novellas and such).

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#1- Richelle Mead

This is crazy to me but I’ve read 14 books by Richelle Mead. Almost fifteen because I just got the second book in her Glittering Court series. I have read her Vampire Academy Series (6 books), her spin off Bloodlines series (6 books), Soundless (1 book), and The Glittering Court (1 book). She is definitely an auto buy author for me and even though Bloodlines and Vampire Academy will probably always be my favorites from her I do enjoy reading pretty much everything from her.

#2- Cassandra Clare

Now this doesn’t surprise me since all of her books take place in this one world it’s pretty hard not keep reading after one series finishes. I have read The Infernal Devices (3 books), The Mortal Instruments (6 books), and the first two books in The Dark Artifices (2 books). That makes for a grand total of 11. That’s pretty great and it will only keep to grow.

#3- Sarah J. Maas

Again I’m not really surprised that this is at the higher end of the list. Maas is easily becoming an auto buy author for me. I have read her A Court of Thorns and Roses series (3 books), and her Throne of Glass Series (6 books). That makes for a total of 9 books. I cannot wait for the continuation of both series.

#4- Victoria Schwab

This is my all time favorite author so it’s no surprise that she’s in the top five portion of this list. She’s actually published thirteen novels but some are so hard to find so I haven’t read them all quite yet. I’ll eventually have read all thirteen though. I have read the Archived series (2 books), The Monsters of Verity (2 books), The Shades of Magic (3 books), and Vicious (1 book). That’s a total of 8 books! I’m also proud to say that due to many hours of driving and multiple book events all of my editions are signed and ahh meeting my favorite more than once is incredible.

#5- J.K. Rowling


Once again not a surprising series to be on this list considering most of the book population has read these. Even though I haven’t had much interest in Rowling’s other works this series will always hold a special place in my heart. I have read the Harry Potter Series (7 books). So I have a total of 7 books read by her.

#6- Maggie Stiefvater 

This one I was actually shocked by but I don’t really know why because I love Stiefvater’s stories. I have read the Shiver series (3 books) and the Raven Cycle (4 books). That’s a total of 7 books! Plus I’m planning on buying the companion novel to the Shiver series at some point so that I can also read that.

#7- Kiera Cass

Kiera Cass isn’t an auto buy author for me but I did complete her Selection series (5 books + 1 novella bind up) and then went on to read The Siren (1 book). That’s a total of 7 books which is still insane to think about that I’ve read that much from her.

#8- Marie Lu

So I believe that I have read everything that Marie Lu has published and she has definitely become an auto buy author for me. I cannot wait for her new book Warcross to come out. I have read the Legend series (3 books) and her Young Elites series (3 books). That’s 6 books and I am dying for more from her to be published so that I can read it.

#9- Alexandra Bracken 

This has become another auto buy author based on her Darkest Minds trilogy. I loved Bracken’s writing and pretty much anytime I hear of her new stuff coming out I get excited. I have read The Darkest Minds (3 books) and her Passenger Series (2 books). A total of 5 books but I cannot wait for it to be more.

#10- Leigh Bardugo 

I love these books so much that I am so happy they made this list! Again she will probably be an auto buy because if her newer books are anything like these I will probably be in love. I have read The Grisha Trilogy (3 books) and her Six of Crows duology (2 books). That’s 5 books and I’m surprised that I have so many authors where I’ve read 5 books.

#11- Amie Kaufman 

I know the post says “Top Ten” but when I rechecked my shelves I realized that I have read 5 books from Kaufman as well! Her books are always incredible and I love both of these series so much so that I cannot wait for her to publish more. I have read the Starbound series (3 books) and the Illuminae Files (2 books).

Ahh so many books by so many authors! What’s your most read author and how many books is it? This was actually so much fun and I hope some of you do it because I want to know what your list looks like.


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