My Booktubeathon TBR 2017

It’s finally booktubeathon time again! Last year I tried doing this and failed horribly so I’m hoping this year will go a lot better. I am going to be traveling on the last two days so I don’t know how much I will actually get done but I’m hoping to complete this year’s challenge! So let’s see the challenges and my picks!

Booktubeathon tbr 2017 .jpg

#1- Read a book with a person on the cover

Lowry_gathering_blue_cover.jpgFor this I chose Gathering Blue because it’s a book I’ve been wanting to read for a while now but is also one that does have a person on the cover. It also seems pretty short which is good because it will make it easier for me to get through this challenge with.





#2- Read a hyped book

22296822.jpgThis book may not be super hyped but when it was just getting released I heard about it a lot. It seems really interesting and I am pretty sure Booksplosion did this book so I’d say that makes it pretty hyped.





#3- Finish a book in one day

9781447279990Alice-s-Adventures-in-Wonderland.jpgI think that I will have no problem accomplishing this goal but I still chose a shorter book just in case. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland seemed like the perfect pick since I have never actually read it before.






#4- Read a book about a character that is very different from you

selection-day-9781501150838_hr.jpgI went with Selection Day because it is about a fourteen year old boy living in India. I found this in a thrift store and I’ve been dying to pick it up so hopefully I’ll read it during this challenge.





#5- Finish a book completely outdoors

9780807506158_cvr.jpgThis book was the perfect choice! It’s about a kid who wakes up with no memory and a copy of Walden. He becomes Thoreau essentially throughout the story and since Thoreau is all about transcendentalism and nature I thought this would be the perfect thing to read outdoors.





#6- Read a book you bought because of the cover

18079719.jpgYou may question my choice in cover buy but trust me if you see this book in person it is so bright and is basically begging to be bought.






#7- Read 7 books

51kZfg502GL._SX334_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgSince I needed a seventh book and I happened to receive an ARC of this while I was making my TBR I thought why not make this my final read.






That’s my TBR, hopefully I can actually accomplish that! If you’re doing this what’s your TBR look like?


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