Rebel Belle by Rachel Hawkins



Title: Rebel Belle

Author: Rachel Hawkins

Series Status: 1st book in the Rebel Belle Trilogy

# of pages: 345

My rating: 2.5/5 stars



From Goodreads

Harper Price, peerless Southern belle, was born ready for a Homecoming tiara. But after a strange run-in at the dance imbues her with incredible abilities, Harper’s destiny takes a turn for the seriously weird. She becomes a Paladin, one of an ancient line of guardians with agility, super strength and lethal fighting instincts.

Just when life can’t get any more disastrously crazy, Harper finds out who she’s charged to protect: David Stark, school reporter, subject of a mysterious prophecy and possibly Harper’s least favorite person. But things get complicated when Harper starts falling for him—and discovers that David’s own fate could very well be to destroy Earth.

With snappy banter, cotillion dresses, non-stop action and a touch of magic, this new young adult series from bestseller Rachel Hawkins is going to make y’all beg for more.


I really don’t know what to say about this book. I was really excited because it sounded like badass female with super powers but instead it felt like a contemporary with bits of fighting thrown in.

The main character may be what really caused me to dislike this because Harper was just too cliched as the overachieving female main character. She was super dedicated to everything and constantly trying to please everyone as the popular girl that I felt like she became kind of one dimensional. For the beginning of the story her whole focus was everyone else so I felt like her development was a little flat.

While I disliked her the other characters were developed well and I really enjoyed the backstory on the magic system within the story. There are still pieces that are vague but that seems to be a lead up for the second story but what we got was really good and was pretty interesting.

However as a whole I found that this story didn’t catch my attention, it has a dreaded love triangle and focused more on lead up than the actual ending and I overall just wanted more from it.

So overall this wasn’t a terrible read or anything but I think it just wasn’t for me.

2.5 stars


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