ARC Review: All the Wind in the World by Samantha Mabry



Title: All the Wind in the World

Author: Samantha Mabry

Series Status: Standalone

Publishing Date: October 10th, 2017

# of pages: 262

My rating: 4/5 stars




From Goodreads

Sarah Jacqueline Crow and James Holt work in the vast maguey fields that span the bone-dry Southwest, a thirsty, infinite land that is both seductive and fearsome. In this rough, transient landscape, Sarah Jac and James have fallen in love. They’re tough and brave, and they have big dreams. Soon they will save up enough money to go east. But until then, they keep their heads down, their muscles tensed, and above all, their love secret.

When a horrible accident forces Sarah Jac and James to start over on a new, possibly cursed ranch called the Real Marvelous, the delicate balance they’ve found begins to give way. And James and Sarah Jac will have to pay a frighteningly high price for their love.


* I received a free copy in exchange for a honest review *

I am honestly awestruck by how much I loved this novel compared to Mabry’s debut. I read her debut book a couple months ago and while the story didn’t live up to expectations her writing did and is ultimately what spurred me to read this book. And I was definitely not disappointed.

This book was vivid, captivating, and lyrical to put it lightly. I was surprised by how quickly I was drawn into the story and easiness with which I flew through it. Mabry’s writing was spectacular and created such a specific atmosphere that I found it hard not to get sucked into the story. It was almost like being under a spell (wink wink). Seriously though this was spellbinding to me to have such a strong story with so few pages.

I loved the dark and cynical nature of our main character, Sarah Joc, and how this played into the story. Plus with the introduction to other characters it was hard not to be easily connected to them. Leo was a gem in this story and one I could getting/deserving a book of his own that would complete this story even more. That’s not say this story wasn’t complete because it was but it would be exciting to see a story focusing on Leo since he’s such a mysterious part of this story.

The romance of this story definitely needs to be talked about. I am not usually one who enjoys the romances in stories especially when they take the forefront but I found myself oddly invested in this one and wanting to see how it worked out and what happened. I find this in part to be because Sarah Joc and James are already in a committed relationship when the story begins. That combined with their struggles of keeping it a secret cause the romance to feel deeper than most YA’s I’ve read.

Magical Realism is a minor part of the story and that combined with the dystopian style helped seal this story for me. It was so unique and something I’ve never read before. While the magical elements are more a part of the second half of the story they create an interesting change for the story and push it further than I anticipated. This change in pace moved the story from dystopian contemporary to something more. I think as the magical pieces are intertwined into the story it is when you can really see the changes in the main characters as well as everyone else at the Real Marvelous.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this story and how captivating it was.

4 stars


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