All Rights Reserved by Gregory Scott Katsoulis



Title: All Rights Reserved

Author: Gregory Scott Katsoulis

Series Status: 1st book in the Word$ duology

# of pages: 400 pages

My rating: 3.5/5 stars



From Goodreads

In a world where every word and gesture is copyrighted, patented or trademarked, one girl elects to remain silent rather than pay to speak, and her defiant and unexpected silence threatens to unravel the very fabric of society.

Speth Jime is anxious to deliver her Last Day speech and celebrate her transition into adulthood. The moment she turns fifteen, Speth must pay for every word she speaks (“Sorry” is a flat ten dollars and a legal admission of guilt), for every nod ($0.99/sec), for every scream ($0.99/sec) and even every gesture of affection. She’s been raised to know the consequences of falling into debt, and can’t begin to imagine the pain of having her eyes shocked for speaking words that she’s unable to afford.

But when Speth’s friend Beecher commits suicide rather than work off his family’s crippling debt, she can’t express her shock and dismay without breaking her Last Day contract and sending her family into Collection. Backed into a corner, Speth finds a loophole: rather than read her speech – rather than say anything at all – she closes her mouth and vows never to speak again. Speth’s unexpected defiance of tradition sparks a media frenzy, inspiring others to follow in her footsteps, and threatens to destroy her, her family and the entire city around them.


Ever since I heard about this book I have been really excited to pick it up since it sounds really interesting and unique. The whole concept of everything we say being charged sounded so intriguing and I actually really enjoyed this read.

Starting with the world which is most definitely very dystopian. I really enjoyed the smaller aspects of the world building that Katsoulis added to the story. He made this world really unique and intriguing and this is what really carried the story for me.

As for the characters I wasn’t super connected to them. They felt a little flat and one dimensional. Since our main character doesn’t speak I anticipated that other characters to the story may come across as slightly underdeveloped but even the main character felt this way.

I have to talk about how amazing this story was though. I really loved the concept behind this story and despite the lack of character connection I still really loved the concept. The pacing itself was another small problem though as a majority of it felt like it was dragging and really slow.

Overall I still really enjoyed this story and the concept was incredible even if the characters were a little flat.

3.5 stars

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