A Plague of Giants by Kevin Hearne



Title: A Plague of Giants

Author: Kevin Hearne

Series Status: 1st book in the Seven Kennings Series

# of pages: 608

My rating: 4.5/5 stars



From Goodreads

In the start of a compelling new series, the New York Times bestselling author of The Iron Druid Chronicles creates an unforgettable fantasy world of warring giants and elemental magic.

In the city of Pelemyn, Fintan the bard takes to the stage to tell what really happened the night the giants came . . .

From the east came the Bone Giants, from the south, the fire-wielding Hathrim – an invasion that sparked war across the six nations of Teldwen. The kingdom’s only hope is the discovery of a new form of magic that calls the world’s wondrous beasts to fight by the side of humankind.


* I received a free copy in exchange for a honest review *

This story was so different than anything I could have expected and has me hooked to Hearne’s writing after reading this story. I will definitely have to pick up his other works now.

Starting with possibly my favorite thing which was the way the story is told itself. I am a sucker for any story where there is an overarcing narrator providing character detail through storytelling. That’s exactly how these stories are told in A Plague of Giants, and I loved it. From Fintan being able to use illusions to transform himself into the characters, to having Dervan explain the mundane and the struggles the Bard is facing in even telling the story. All of it about the mere aspect of telling the story had me excited.

Then there was the magic which was another spectacular edition. There are 5 known Kennings, which are essentially different forms of magic such as water, fire, wind, etc., and to gain a Kenning you are a Seeker that risks their life and if you survive you are blessed with a Kenning but as you use more and more of your Kenning and cross an unknown threshold of power the Kenning begins to whittle away at your life and begins to age you at a faster rate. This concept intrigued me and was something that I found very unique. The cost of magic is explicitly described in this story making it more interesting to see the Seeker’s going out and risking their lives for their hopeful chance at gaining a Kenning.

Possibly my only downfall was that with the intricate way the story is told and large amount of “main” characters we are presented with it not only took the story a while to pick up but a while to gain any sense of development from the characters. There were so many that it caused them to get lost throughout the multiple POV changes that we had.

Overall I really enjoyed this and I cannot wait for the next one to come out and continue on with the story.

4.5 stars

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