Ruins by Joshua Winning



Title: Ruins

Author: Joshua Winning

Series Status: 2nd book in the Sentinel Trilogy

# of pages: 323

My rating: 4/5 stars



From Goodreads

* Note that this is not the first book in the series and synopsis may contain spoilers *

“We are the children of the Dark Prophets.”

Filled with monsters, magic and mystery, Ruins is the thrilling second instalment of the critically-acclaimed Sentinel Trilogy.

In his desperate search for answers about the Sentinels, an ancient society of demon hunters that his parents belonged to, fifteen-year-old Nicholas Hallow is tipped into a fresh nightmare of terrifying monsters – and even more sinister humans – which threaten to send the world spiralling into chaos. Can Nicholas track down the mysterious girl who holds the key to their fate?


* I received a free copy in exchange for a honest review *

I very recently posted my review for this first book in this series, Sentinel, and now I already have finished the second book.

This installment in the series was definitely darker than the last but that only made it better, seeing that consequences happen and that not everything will always work out perfectly was something that I always love in books.

With this book we get a better insight into the world and get to see some interesting turns to the story. I really enjoyed that Nicholas learns more information rather than being a more traditional protagonist that is kept mostly in the dark about the world they get thrust into.

The characters were as entertaining as before and while we meet some new characters I think that Isabelle is still my favorite. I mean how could I not pick a talking cat as my favorite character plus she establishes a relationship with Nicholas and has grown from the mentor relationship that it was in the first book.

Overall I really enjoyed this second installment to the trilogy and I am excited to see what happens in the third one.

4 stars



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