My Top Ten Most Read Authors (UPDATED)

Back in, I think, July 2017 I decided to post “My Top Ten Most Read Authors” and for some reason I thought that was a really fun post to make so I was recently looking at it and I realized that in about six months the positions have changed so I thought it was time for an update with my current standing of most read authors. So these are just a compiled list of the authors I have read the most from and the books that I have read from them. Also if you have any interest in looking at the original post it is linked HERE.

Top Ten

#1- Lemony Snicket

A new addition to the list! Once I heard about the TV series that Netflix was doing I decided I had to read some Lemony Snicket and I managed to read 16 books by him. The books I have read from him are A Series of Unfortunate Events (13 books) and three books from the All the Wrong Questions Series (3 books).

#2- Richelle Mead

I am never surprised by how high up Richelle Mead is on my list! I have now read a total of 15 books by her! She is definitely an auto-buy author from me but I know there are a couple of her books I still have somehow not read. The books I have read from her are Vampire Academy Series  (6 books), Bloodlines Series (6 books), Soundless (1 book), and the part of her Glittering Court Trilogy (2 books).


#3- Cassandra Clare

Cassie Clare has written so many books in this world that it’s hard not to pick up most of her books as they come out. While I don’t particularly care about reading her novella bind ups these books were really interesting and I have read 11 books. The book I have read from her are The Infernal Devices (3 books), The Mortal Instruments (6 books), and part of her The Dark Artifices Series (2 books).

#4- Sarah J. Maas

It’s no surprise to me that Sarah J. Maas has remained on this list since I have read everything that is out and I have thoroughly enjoyed her books. So I have read 10 books by her and they are Throne of Glass Series (7 books) and A Court of Thorns and Roses Series (3 books).

#5- V.E. Schwab

Ahh my favorite author has moved up the list! I have now read 9 books by her and I am excited to say that I have now almost read everything she has published. The book I have read by her are The Monsters of Verity (2 books), The Archived series (2 books), Shades of Magic (3 books), Vicious (1 book), and The Near Witch (1 book).

#6- Maggie Stiefvater 

While I haven’t all of her works I have finally read quite a few of them. I hope to eventually read everything she’s published but that will take some time. I have read 9 books from her and they are The Raven Cycle (4 books), The Shiver Trilogy (3 books), Sinner, the companion to the Shiver Trilogy, (1 book), and All the Crooked Saints (1 book).

#7- Marissa Meyer

Yet another series that I am not surprised to have read so much of. Her first series were the books that helped me get back into reading so it’s no surprise that she is somewhere on this list. I have also read 8 books by her. They are The Lunar Chronicles (6 books), Heartless (1 book), and Wire and Nerves (1 book).

#8- J.K. Rowling

For Rowling I wasn’t quite sure if I should count The Cursed Child or not but I was pretty sure she didn’t write it so I decided not to include it; however, this still didn’t bump her from this list since I have still read 8 books by her. They are the Harry Potter Series (7 books) and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them: Illustrated Edition (1 book).

#9- Marie Lu

Next is Marie Lu with a surprising 7 books, I didn’t even realize that I have read everything she has published. I am looking forward to her next books and I cannot wait to read more from and she has become another auto-buy author for me. I have read the Legend Trilogy (3 books), The Young Elites (3 books), and Warcross (1 book).

#10- Kiera Cass

Finally we have Kiera Cass, who even though she doesn’t write my favorite series she writes books that are incredibly easy to get through. I have read 7 books from her and they are The Selection Series (6 books) and The Siren (1 book).

Those are my top ten most read authors, are any of these on your most read list?


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