My Life in Books Tag 2.0 | Tag Tuesday

I’ve done this tag before but it’s been a while so I thought it would be fun to do now that I am older and my shelves have changed. If you are interested in my original post of this tag I’ll link it HERE.

my life in books.png

#1- Find a book for each of your initials 



Theft of Swords

#2- Count your age along your bookshelves- what did you get?

18966806.jpg I’m nineteen and this currently the 19th on my first shelf, which is perfect because this series is incredible and deserves so much hype (even though it’s pretty popular already).






#3- Pick a book set in your City/County/Country

51+MW9Jg2KL.SX316This I believe is set in Georgia, USA. Or at least begins there because I do know that they end up in other areas but to keep me from picking the same books I picked last time I’ll choose this one.





#4- Pick a Book to Represent a Place You’d Like to Travel To


I picked London last time and I’m going to stick with that answer but pick a different series to represent them, although I doubt anyone wants me to ramble about how amazing this series is since I talk about it in almost every post.

#5- Pick a book that is your favorite color

24001095I really love this shade of orange plus this is another incredible series that deserves a read.







#6- What book do you have the fondest memory of?

51UPXpEUDpL.jpgThis was one of my favorite series when I was younger and recently in a tiny bookshop I found an ARC of one of the books in series and it has reignited my love for this series.






#7- Which book did you have the hardest time reading?

7791997I figured this would be a hard book to read since it’s a cliche paranormal romance type book but I thought I would still find something redeemable from it but alas this book really disappointed me.






words-of-radiance-cover.jpgAfter having read The Way of Kings, I am so excited to read this book but that doesn’t mean I am not intimidated by the massive size of this book.






And that’s the tag! Thanks so much for reading, and did any of my answers match up with yours?

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