December Wrap Up and January 2018 TBR

2017 is over! It feels like 2017 flew by and I managed to do so much and definitely read a lot. In December, my finals ended pretty early in the month so I had lots of time for reading and I think this was my best reading month for the year. I did decide to read a couple mangas because I realized I was really close to hitting 200 for the year and really wanted to reach that goal. I read an insane 36 books this month and I do not even know how that was possible.  Anyways let’s get into what I read in December.

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September Wrap Up and October TBR

Wow this year feels like it’s just flying by. I think it’s moving so quickly because I’ve been reading so many good books lately and just like last month I’ve read another 13 this month! I’m thinking my unofficial book challenge goal will now be to read 150 books this year I think it will be pretty doable. Anyways let’s see what I’ve read this month.

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August Wrap Up and September TBR

First off I cannot believe August is already over, this month felt like it flew by. I was really not expecting to read much this month with school starting and general life getting in the way but I managed to read 13 books! This was an incredible amount to me and I still have no clue how I managed it. Even though I completed my reading goal of 100 books last month, I’m still keeping track so this puts me at a total of 113 for the year. This is definitely a record reading year for me. Anyways, let’s get into the books I read this month.

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My Booktubeathon TBR 2017

It’s finally booktubeathon time again! Last year I tried doing this and failed horribly so I’m hoping this year will go a lot better. I am going to be traveling on the last two days so I don’t know how much I will actually get done but I’m hoping to complete this year’s challenge! So let’s see the challenges and my picks!

Booktubeathon tbr 2017 .jpg

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June Wrap Up and July TBR

It’s time for another wrap up and this month I dominated my reading. I read a total of 18 books and 2 novellas! I truly was not expecting to read this many books but I am really excited because this means I completed my original reading goal already so I’m glad I moved it up. Anyways time for the wrap up!

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May Wrap Up and June TBR

It’s time for another wrap up! Along with graduation this month, I managed to read quite a few book this month. I read a total of 12 books! I’m pretty amazed because there was a solid week where I didn’t have time to read anything at all. I also decided to up my reading goal from 75 to 100 books. I think this was a good decision since I’m already over halfway through my new goal.

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April Wrap Up and May TBR

It’s wrap up time! And I have to say that I’m pretty proud of my reading this year. This month I read a total of eleven books. Which seems insane but I’m so glad that I got through so many books. Some were for school but overall most of them were just for fun.  This also brings my reading total up to 45 for the year. Which seems pretty amazing to me. Anyways, let’s get started!


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Diversity Bingo 2017 TBR (Part 2)

I am so excited about this TBR for 2017! I wanted to do a couple of challenges for this year but this one stuck out the most. Most of my reads don’t seem to be very diverse and I really want to change that. So I’m hoping to read a lot of these. I don’t really know if I’m going to try and read all or just get one round of bingo. I believe this was created by a bunch of booktubers but I’m going to post the bingo card which has all the creators in the top right corner.  This is going to be of the first 10 only because there’s a lot of books and this would be a super long post so I’m going to break it up into parts. Let’s get started!


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