Q & A Answered! | Thanks again for 400!

A couple of days ago I posted a small post saying thank you for 400 followers. And truly I mean thank you! Seriously I have never imagined this blog hitting 400 and am amazed everyday by how much it grows. Along with that post I also mentioned that I would do a Q&A. Thank you so much to everyone who gave me questions! I wasn’t sure that anyone would comment but I’m so happy you did. Anyways, let’s get started!!


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OMG so this isn’t a planned post or anything but I just hit 400 followers and I wanted to write a post telling you how thankful I am. Truly I never imagined that this blog would be such a part of my life or that I would meet so many amazing people through it. So thank you so much to all of you who follow my blog. Also I kind of thought that since there are a ton of new people that I would do a Q&A. So just comment below with questions and I’ll make a new post sometime next week where I answer all of your questions. AGAIN THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THIS MEANS TO ME!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

~ Quirkyandpeculiar (AKA Grace)