My Top 10 Books of 2016

2016 is almost over!! It was such a great reading year and trying to narrow this list down to ten was really hard. Also it may only be the middle of December so I may read more books before the year is over that were great but I wanted to go ahead and post my top 10. These are not in order of favorite just the order I read them.

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Music Friday: Morning Star Playlist (and some crappy excuses)

Let’s start with the crappy excuses: So I haven’t posted a music friday in two weeks and I started doing this, this in February. I’m already a failure I know but my excuses were school. Sometimes school is harder than I plan on it being and I have to devote more time to it than I wish. The main thing in school this month that was a time consuming was a book. We were reading The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner and I was really confused while reading, which meant that I had to annotate and do tons of things to make sure I understood it for my essay. And I know it’s an excuse but school is important so I have to put it first, sadly.

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Bookish Thoughts: Morning Star

Another Bookish Thoughts! For bookish thoughts I basically write my feelings emotions, or favorite quotes and put the page # for that comment next to it. It is probably not going to make sense to you if you have not read the book so don’t read this if you haven’t read the book. Also they usually contain MATURE LANGUAGE  and this one is no different. If you are not a fan of explicit language you probably shouldn’t read it. If you don’t care about any of that though have fun reading and let me know what you think!


P.S. You probably want to open your book to the pages because otherwise this probably makes no sense 😀

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Desert Island book tag!

I am completely obsessed with The Office (U.S.) and I was rewatching the fire episode and they play this game called “desert island” in it. Basically what the game is, is you are stuck on an island for a long time and you can have certain items (3 books, 5 movies, an iPod with 12+ songs, etc) and everyone goes around telling what theirs are. It’s kind of like a get to know you game but I thought I twist it and make it into a booktag. This probably going to end up into a book survival tag. I have no clue if this already exists but I’m going to do it anyways! 😀

Water: A book that you found refreshingly different


Jackaby  by William Ritter

I wasn’t really sure what to think about this book before I read it but it was so different and weirdly awesome. Plus the cover is blue so it looks like water. 





Food: An essential book you can’t live without


Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling

It’s a super obvious choice but I mean if I was stuck on an island I would want these seven books to keep me company.



Weapons: A book that is massive and could be used as a weapon


Illuminae  by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff

This book is pretty big and while I would feel bad using it as a weapon it would be a pretty great one!


Companion: A book character that you would want to be stuck with on a desert island


Sevro! duh! I mean there are tons of people I would want to be stuck with but I think Sevro gives me the best chance of survival.

Map: A book with an amazing map inside


Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas

So this is the first book I thought of when I thought of a book with a map, so that’s why I picked it!


Threat: A book you were afraid to read but ended up conquering (or loving it)


Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

I loved the first 3 and was excited to read this book but was afraid to read it because it is kind of big and I kept hearing mixed reviews for it. Once I read it though I fell in love with it ❤

Compass: A book that you would give to a new reader to get them interested in reading


Cinder by Marissa Meyer

This is such a good series and I feel like it would be a good book series to get people into reading especially since it got me into reading.

SOS: A book that is under hyped but you want everyone to read


Omen Operation by Taylor Brooke

I received this book a little while back to do a honest review on and I loved it! Most people probably haven’t read it but I definitely think that they should!

Rescued: A book you are anticipating to be released


Heartless by Marissa Meyer

There are so many books that I want to pick but this one that I have been especially anticipating. I have been getting into retellings lately so this seems like a great one plus its first in a series.




Tag Time: 

I am tagging everyone to do this whether or not I am about to tag you!

Hoperfuly this tag works and makes sense! 😀 Thanks for reading