Morning Star by Pierce Brown

Note: all reviews are spoiler free unless otherwise stated! 


Title: Morning Star

Author: Pierce Brown

# in series:  3rd book in the Red Rising trilogy

# of pages: 518

My rating: 5/5 stars

IT TOOK ME A WHOLE WEEK TO READ THIS BOOK! Okay that may not sound so bad but I had planned to stay up all night the day it came out and not stop until I finished it in one sitting. Yeah, that didn’t happen.

It wasn’t that it took me forever to read because it was a bad book because it was an amazing one! It’s that I kept thinking about how the sooner I finished the sooner this series would be over. Plus I kept hearing Pierce Brown talking about certain chapters and how intense they were going to be.

By now if you are reading this review and have not read this series I urge you to go read it because it only gets better and better. The first book was amazing, the second was even better and this one was just plain awesome!

My favorite thing about this series as a whole is that Pierce Brown pretty much destroys any Trope that you could think of. It is kind of refreshing to see how Tropes can be done differently and definitely made it more interesting.

This book was definitely a world wind of emotions though, and I can honestly say that I have never cried in books as much as I did when reading this. (and by crying I mean tearing up, I don’t really full cry)

My review is probably pretty bad because still two days after reading it, I am still overcome with how amazing Brown is as an author to be able to create such a unique and cohesive world and put characters that you love and then hate and then love again so quickly. I can definitely say that he is possibly my favorite author now.

Overall this book was intense and had so many heartbreaking scenes but was also so action packed and had so many Trope defying plot twists. Most books you can get a sense of what will happen even if you can’t figure out the answer, but in this book there were so many different things that could have happened but he made it happen in the most perfect way.

5/5 stars

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